Your RV May Have A Leak, You Don't Know About


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  1. Scott in NJ
    Scott in NJ says:

    If you can get some sheet metal that’s used for ducts in HVAC applications, you can fabricate a shroud for the vent, remove the screws, put it in behind the vent, screw the shroud and vent back in place, then fill in the seams with silicone caulk. But if you’re primarily using your RV down South, if I were you I’d take the furnace out altogether, cap off the gas line, and use the space for more storage.
    Good detective work finding the problem, I’ll have to keep an eye out for that when I get my RV.
    Great video, I’m sorry you went through that, but you are definitely helping the rest of us by letting us know about the problem. 👍

  2. J. Eugene Fair
    J. Eugene Fair says:

    We just got back today from a camping weekend. The last 2 mornings we had to tun on the furnace. It's a good thing we were hooked up to shore power. There is still 2/3 of an 80 lb. propane tank that was full when we bought the motor home last June.


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