Why Small Motorhomes are Leading the RV Industry Sales Boom


Small motorhome RVs sales are booming. Come check out the Roadtrek display as we discuss what makes small RV lifestyle so attractive.

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28 replies
  1. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    The salespeople in this video don’t even know what’s driving the b class boom. It’s NOT baby boomers but younger people who definitely cannot afford most manufactured rv’s. The boomers are simply copying what they see on their travels and are waking up to the vanner style of life. Young folks and middle aged people are converting vans themselves to save money because the cost of living in the u.s. has become unaffordable for most people. The rv industry better wake up because they will all go out of business sooner than later if they don’t cater/compete with the much lower pricing of a can conversion.

  2. David Dennison
    David Dennison says:

    As a recent buyer of a Class C there was little advantage to a Class B and one piece of advice is buyer beware. I am still in shock over how this industry operates? I don't know how they have avoided an investigation over their policies and practices. I fell like I went back in time to when Americans Cars where garbage and we all lined up getting ripped off.

  3. shelia french
    shelia french says:

    There so many of us that want to get on on the road but even the vans that are coming out at these places that the prices of homes people can afford that it’s crazy and the reason why people are going to these is people can for homes they’re buying these to live in it’s not always about traveling all over I can’t for the house I’ve been living in a trailer all my life and I hate it and I wish I could afford a really nice van traveling but who can afford that it’s out the price of a home now and I don’t wanna pay on one of those for the rest of my life either meet them already 50 and the American dream didn’t come this way even though I was working for it all my life

  4. Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 says:

    They still don't get it/ The younger generation is not interested i stuff. One reason they are some of the lowest home owners. So RV companies better pay attention. There is a huge market for entry level starter class B and the ones that grasp it. Will have a huge customer jump…

  5. Paula Sarcony
    Paula Sarcony says:

    There are some videos out on YouTube advising people to stay away from the Sprinter class RV because of the engine…..poor quality and major problems with the the Diesel engine. Any thoughts?

    CFURIN says:

    I have a 33ft Class A and was curious about a smaller RV. I went to the local dealer to look at various models. The biggest disappointment was the shower size. Some were so incredibly tiny that it was almost painful to imagine soaping up in there. I know there is little space to deal with, but manufacturers should try to at least figure out something to make a shower more enjoyable. I use to tent camp and I had a pop up shower larger than than what I saw.

  7. jupiter22177
    jupiter22177 says:

    Google RV "industry death spiral" to see the truth about what is going on in the industry and what absolute garbage is really underneath the shiny paint. Also Google "don't buy an RV lawyer " for the reality of these unreliable,poorly manufactured vehicles. You better be rich and enjoy camping at service facilities for as much time as you'll spend there while you RV spends weeks in the shop constantly being fixed. And Google don't buy new. These things come from the factory with a laundry list of problems and failures. Only a real sucker buys a new RV.

  8. Robert Foster
    Robert Foster says:

    ALL these RV's are overpriced….. extremely expensive. but like the guy said in the video. – Its made for those 2% richie rich crowd.
    All I hear in this video is:
    Buy from us, you are guaranteed to be screwed over, if not once but several times. We are the screw you over professionals….

  9. Claude Rains
    Claude Rains says:

    I don't think this is limited to "Older People" what ever that means. I think the younger generation is also seeing the light. They don't want lots of "Stuff" that ends up owning their lives. The idea of sending every dime you earn to someone else for 30 years, just to have a roof over their head and life time property taxes is not living. It's a ball and chain!

    The sooner the RV industry figures that out. They may start building entry level class B that can be upgraded as the need arises. Something on a modular platform.


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