Whitby Campground & UK Towing Struggle


I start in Whitby at an Independent Campground called Broadings Farm. I’ve managed to loose one of my towing mirrors on the drive there, so order a new one on Amazon for next day delivery.

I head into Whitby for some sightseeing and enjoy exploring Whitby Abby then walking down the 199 steps into town. It really is a very cute place with the harbour. They have a Captain Cook museum with a New Zealand section at the top. Funny seeing maps before New Zealand was chartered. The next day I pick up my new towing mirror and enjoy some famous Whitby fish and chips.

Then it’s time to move campgrounds again. Not far south, but I’m nervous about the route as is zigzags from A roads to B roads and I’m learning to be weary. Two dramas on route, the side locker kept popping open, then I kept hearing a scrapping noise… turns out the jockey wheel has quietly unwound itself and started scrapping on the road. It’s cracked and I confess to Bailey – sorry!

I then make it to the next campground close to Hull called Burton Constable Campground, which is another independent campground. It’s huge! Lots of static caravans then the tour park at the end. The campsite is in a park and you can walk to the nearby Burton Constable Hall.

More about the Bailey Phoenix 640 Caravan: https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/caravans/phoenix/phoenix-640

More about the Peugeot 3008 SUV Car: https://www.peugeot.co.uk/showroom/3008/suv/


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  1. Travelling K
    Travelling K says:

    Oh and I should mention that my videos are out of order 🤣I was in Whitby before I met up with Dan and Andrew… before I figured out that Google Maps with satellite view really works for me best!

  2. Caravanning with the Coxs
    Caravanning with the Coxs says:

    Hi Karen. Couple of things.
    Waze is really good and also so is Michelin route planner and then you can screen shot the routes as you can add a caravan.

    Secondly you should drive up onto your levelling ramps and not reverse as when reversing it does not allow the overrun brakes to engage. Hope your well. Oliver

  3. James Skewis
    James Skewis says:

    I bought a truck satnav from Amazon for around £40…. I thought what the heck I'll try it…so I just entered the height width and total length of my car and caravan and it has worked without fault…. there are quite a few to view…. worth a look…. good luck

  4. Neale Hall
    Neale Hall says:

    I’d recommend checking out google maps before you drive. Most uk roads are absolutely fine for a caravan, but some needed to be avoided. It might mean a slightly longer route on A class roads, but most of the country are well served by them.

  5. Brian Stone
    Brian Stone says:

    Your stopping to check was a good move, I learned on a small trailer that jockey wheels can unwind or vibrate loose especially on poor road surfaces and potholes. Living in Wales we are used to having to negotiate narrow gaps in towns and villages I came through Llandovery on Sunday and we were held up for some time due to a few cars parked in town on a single yellow line. The other route I came down on I avoided because the town of Llanwrytd Wells had the annual bog snorkelling event, so you can plan a route as best you can but still face the unexpected. Full marks for your editing of the passing motorcyclist comment, I am always checking my mirror for them but still get a suprise when they blast past! I once was a keen motorcyclist myself so I try to give them room or opportunity to pass and yes towing/driving even being a pedestrian in the UK can be stressful, I think you have done really well Karen. Safe journey back.

  6. Ian
    Ian says:

    There is a level built into iPhone, no app needed but some advice, buy a cheap 2 ft level. Stop stressing about driving and just drive, you’ll have more fun.

  7. Tassie Devil
    Tassie Devil says:

    Just think how easy it will be when you go home and tow, I think you will have had every challenge possible by the time your visit is over, tks for sharing, who cares if they're out of order each one is an adventure till next time

  8. chris21cole
    chris21cole says:

    Karen, you are doing fantastically well. A lone woman caravanning and sorting things out for yourself. I admire your perseverance and resilience. Hope the British people are proving to be friendly? 👏👏

  9. p Holland
    p Holland says:

    We travelled uk by car and used the tomtom's app and downloaded the uk map. Might be a bit late but I found it useful. I enjoyed the fish and chips too.
    Love from Aus.

  10. Steve Gaston
    Steve Gaston says:

    You really seem to struggle with the roads in the U.K. they are quite different from New Zealand . I worked in Christchurch on the southern island, and the roared were nice to drive on. They were wide and always in good repair. The kiwis

  11. Jim Duce
    Jim Duce says:

    Come to Canada some time. The roads are wide but coming home yesterday two moose, both males with a full set of antlers, ran along side in the ditch before making a dash across the highway heedless of this pesky humans in their RV's. A little scary but really exciting too. The day before we saw three coyotes grinning at us . But, no campground pubs!

  12. uk trucker
    uk trucker says:

    Glad I use service pitches own tap with our food grade hose permanent connected by ball valve auto gills when water hors down to certain level waste water has it's own drain to

  13. pmailkeey
    pmailkeey says:

    As soon as I heard that noise – I immediately thought the jockey wheel's hit the ground !

    Our jockey wheel went higher than yours – it was inside the A frame and the bottom of the wheel was about half an inch (10mm) below the A frame itself when fully up.

    I'm not convinced it's unwound itself – are you sure you fully retracted it ??????

  14. Brett Alfero
    Brett Alfero says:

    Just get an iTunes voucher.. for the app… that should work I’m sure 🤷‍♂️ u so resourceful filling the water with the bottle 😊 must say that van looks looong…. beautiful scenery…. when do u leave the UK??

  15. pmailkeey
    pmailkeey says:

    A thing that looked like a link to UK playlist appeared top right but all I was offered was stuff relating to the current video. So anyway, via your channel, found the playlist – and this Whitby video is not among them on the playlist !

    Anyway, when's your UK trip coming to an end (presumably you'll then go back to places with exotic weeds ?)

  16. Jenny P
    Jenny P says:

    Karen, thank you for another honest video about towing a van. You are helping me so much. We are just about to buy a little van and I’m noting all your tips and advice for future use. You are an inspiration. 👏

  17. Bernie BNE
    Bernie BNE says:

    I had the same problem with my towing mirror. Luckily I was at home and could fabricate a replacement pad. I carry a couple of spare pads now. Leveling the van, I put a round bowl 3/4 full of water on the bench, it's the best 360° spirit level I've ever had. I always remove the jockey wheel, I thought I was being paranoid as you can't easily do that on all caravans, obviously not. Good luck with the rest of your trip.

  18. Anthea Richardson
    Anthea Richardson says:

    Forget the negative comments below, Karen. You’re on your own towing a big van around in a strange country. As someone has said, your anxiety about the narrow roads is winding you up even more, but you’re doing a great job. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I’m looking forward to seeing your upcoming vlogs, x

  19. mark bowden
    mark bowden says:

    i use copilot never had any issues. when you set up your unit measurement you and have to include length of your car and width in your settings if not then it may send you down a unsuitable road. hope this helps. you defo need a sat nav with caravan options.

  20. Parknest
    Parknest says:

    Are those Milenco towing mirrors? You can get spare pads for them. I lost a pad and I was able to get some spares from a local caravan accessory shop. The music video for Simply Red's "Holding Back the Years" was shot in Whitby and the abbey can clearly be seen in a few of the shots.

  21. Alister West
    Alister West says:

    Hi I think most of us caravaners have had problems with narrow roads at some point don't let it wear you down we had the joyful experience of following Sat nav onwards we went thought how nice this route was beautiful countryside as the roads got narrow then very narrow to the point the hedgerows were taller than the caravan both sides then the road was just the width of our caravan well thought it's got to open up soon then coming round the corner was a large suv we met like high noon I get out he does too very polite guy said satnav I said yes he said you won't get out that way very sharp bend caravan won't make it said I will walk down with you and explain when we get there yes it was very tight bend with ridges that drop away from the road I either make it or end up ditched now what 🤔I said I can do it he explains about 20 feet behind my outfit was a small dugout he may be able to get in there so I reversed he came alongside asked if my wife was OK he let me move on the bend was very tight we made it 300 yards the road began to widen a little oh no we were met by a Google mapping van l looked at my wife we just laughed it just happened that at a very tight squeeze we were able to pass he looked totally shocked to see us a little further the road really opens up caravan site appears on the left our host looked shocked too he said caravans can't get down that road I said we did he points to a large sign says not suitable for caravans I thought be a good idea to put one the other end wouldn't it😂 we were still laughing as we parked up we are 72 couldn't care less don't let it get to you it always works out have a good rest we enjoy your videos keep safe 👍


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