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Many of you are scared, worried, anxious and depressed due to what is going on right now. I am here to give my RV friends a little pep talk and to let you that I am here for you.

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11 replies
  1. Herbert Webb
    Herbert Webb says:

    Dr. Dave, staying safe, RVing in NW New Mexico, 30 feet from the nearest neighbor. I actually can’t think of anything that is safer than being on the road. May your TP supply flourish in these crazy times….herb

  2. Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone says:

    Boy Dr. Dave, I wish I could work from home, watch TV and play with Boo Boo but unfortunately I have to go to work at the hospital. That means I still need to buy groceries, gas and household supplies. So when I have to go to three separate stores to find a loaf of white bread to make my lunch or a box of tissues because people have turned their basements into warehouses I get a little cynical. We have begun using supplies like masks for multiple patients instead of throwing them away because again people who don't need them or know how to use them have bought them up. Our braniac governor closed the truck stops making things more difficult for the truckers who bring us those supplies. When I was growing up (you too) we used to have civil defense preparedness drills at school. There were stockpiles of supplies in those big brown civil defense containers at school and public buildings. We are no longer a prepared nation. Every disaster catches us off guard. People make fun of the "preppers" but every time something like this happens they get more credibility.

  3. Roads of Life
    Roads of Life says:

    Our fresh air is full of pollen… everything is covered in it! With my allergies, the outdoors is not an option!
    But that's okay… this is the norm for me!
    Glad you are having fun in the snow and getting out to exercise… Be seeing you!

  4. Jon Farr
    Jon Farr says:

    Big fan here, I saw a video a few minutes ago of Dr. Drew saying don’t listen to journalist, only listen to the experts themselves. That might help calm us down. I am with you.

  5. Janet Anderson
    Janet Anderson says:

    Thanks for reassurance and for admitting you don't know either! Sunlight can help and fresh air can revitalize, all good advice. Any fitness tips for the folks who can't go too far from home?


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