What's New For Class B Campervans In 2018 | Super B RV Show Tours


The Class B campervan market is booming. Van life is so popular as a lifestyle there is now an RV show in Arizona devoted just to small motorhomes and Class B RVs. In this report, we look at the latest in four models: The Winnebago Revel, the Carado Axion, the Hymer Activ 2.0 and the Hymer Loft edition.

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26 replies
  1. Sidney Mantissa
    Sidney Mantissa says:

    I've been looking at the Travato, but that Hymer with the upstairs bed looks very interesting.

    Wonder if you could have a model with the upstairs bed, but use more of the space downstairs for a larger more comfortable bathroom. That would be really nice IMHO.

  2. Sidney Mantissa
    Sidney Mantissa says:

    With the advent of lithium batteries, I would love to see the addition of a J1772 EVSE plug on the RVs, so that one could use the increasingly popular electric vehicle charging stations to charge the batteries.

  3. Linda Krause
    Linda Krause says:

    They’re ok but I want a home build with solar power of course, more kitchen counter space, wood on the walls and ceiling, and a composting toilet. These manufactured RVs are still too plastic looking for me. If you GAVE me one, I would sell it and build my own. I do understand that there is a small market for this style for people in the high middle class, but I truly believe the RV manufacturers should take a real look at what the majority of people are really looking for: a cozy cabin!

  4. Tim Stretton
    Tim Stretton says:

    I wish there was other options for class B motorhomes. Just not a fan of the Sprinter style chassis. To me there is no such thing as a B+, they are really should be called a C-. Let's be honest they are just a small class C.

  5. Roger Z
    Roger Z says:

    Enjoyed the video. Have a true B myself. 30% growth number is true, but B's are still just barely over 3% of total RV sales. A growing, but still a niche market.

  6. kelanth462
    kelanth462 says:

    Can't wait til the loft becomes available. (can't find one anywhere near me currently) Just perfect for us and our teen daughter. Mom and Dad in back munchkin upstairs.

  7. Agusta Sister
    Agusta Sister says:

    I dont like all the electic this and that…it always breaks when ur out and about…ALWAYS..and id rather aee more batheoom space and loose cooking sitting area..which is why the loft bed IS SO NICE.

  8. Ben Vernick
    Ben Vernick says:

    So glad I stumbled onto this video, as someone who is looking for a solo camper, the Axion looks just about perfect! Great layout, and can’t beat the price. With optional lithium batteries, underhood generator and solar panels it’s got everything I’ve been looking for in a solo camper. Just Subscribed!!!!


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