What We Leave on the RV Between Trips


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20 replies
  1. Angela Beene
    Angela Beene says:

    We keep our 5th wheel at our home, our neighbors just love that… we do keep Irish spring bar soap in our camper which we were told keeps out pests. And we have not had any rodents in any of our campers. But it also keeps the drawers and cabinets smelling pretty good. Wondering has anyone else had the same luck with that. Great video.

  2. rapierce99
    rapierce99 says:

    Time to move where you can keep your RV at your home. I wouldn't ever own or live anywhere I couldn't have my RV on my property. Stays plugged in year round fridge runs all summer we just take in dirty laundry wash it and return it. Replenish food we used from previous trip so at any moment we hook up and go. Kinda our version of disaster bag lol

  3. Gigi Severson
    Gigi Severson says:

    We keep everything you keep plus we keep full sets of clothes in our camper that we've set aside for weekends during the summer fall and spring. We keep our camper on a seasonal site so we go there every single weekend in the summer just about. When we come home for the week we bring home our dirty laundry and those clothes end up going right back into our camper bag to go back on Friday.

  4. Angel Torres
    Angel Torres says:

    We keep in our camper the stuff we felt was a pain to move in n out of our camper. We also keep our camper in storage so for us to get stuff to keep in her didn't take long to figure out. When it comes to first aid kits and meds our rule of thumb is every march all that stuff gets replaced regardless of expiration dates. Sometimes we even keep clothes in her depending on how often we plan on traveling. Love this video it was very interesting to know we are not the only ones that keeps stuff in the camper/rv. Thank you for sharing 👍

  5. Amanda Stopper
    Amanda Stopper says:

    We don't leave any sunscreen in our camper. Made a big mistake last year and got burned bad. Since then I make sure we have new sunscreen every time we go. It does get expensive but it keeps from the pain of the burns.

  6. CircleGOutdoors
    CircleGOutdoors says:

    Get you a couple of shark bite fittings that fits the pex piping in your Rv. They make plugs , couplings and Tees !! They will get one out of a jam!!👍🏻. Most newer Rv’s are piped with 1/2 pex!!

  7. M/V Old School
    M/V Old School says:

    My wife cleans most things out of the living area of our Class A that are food, paper or cloth. We haven't had rodents, but she is making sure. In the underneath compartments, I leave the outdoor table, chairs, decorations, fishing gear, barbeque grill, tools and some service items like WD40, oil, degreaser and etc. We are down south on the Gulf of Mexico. It rarely freezes but we get some hot summer days.

  8. Daryl Pitts
    Daryl Pitts says:

    I love the DampRid. Never knew about the re-useable bin though. I will be switching. Oh and I stole your spare change. Used it on the DampRid Bin I just bought. I'm kidding of course. Thanks for the video, we always enjoy them and learn something.

  9. Steven Raushenberger
    Steven Raushenberger says:

    No camper, even new, is tight enough to keep out mice. We keep Decon, in the pet safe bait stations in back of all lower storage compartments of our travel trailer. Dead mice do not chew. We are fortunate enough to have a pad and plug in at home, so rig is usually ready minus food.

  10. Myles Hansel
    Myles Hansel says:

    Some of the things we don't leave are any paper products because if you get mice they love making beds out of the paper, we have had to deal with mice, and the only solution was for me to completely seal everything on the underside of the camper. We also take all of the food stuff out, spices, sauces, etc… we basically take almost everything out, and the stuff we leave in the camper is stored in tupperware, and then in storage containers just to be safe and secure from our fury little creatures.

  11. Joyus Sohl
    Joyus Sohl says:

    We had our motorhome professionally fumigated once – the guy was excited to find the egg sac and spider – brown widow spider – in our electric cord compartment. Yes, BROWN, not black widow spider. Look it up – very distinctive egg sac. Not terribly poisonous but definitely not a welcome stowaway. We stored our motorhome in a facility out in the country. Never had mice, oddly. We have had mice in our house, but not our motorhome. Go figure,

  12. Tim F
    Tim F says:

    We keep our 5th wheel stock to go in a minute. It looks just like our house. The only thing I have to do is stock the refrigerator and I turn it on at least one day Before we leave. Good information

  13. WriterXanne
    WriterXanne says:

    We have the same model (only 2019)! I have two sheet sets for each bed so I can take one to wash and change the beds, so we can skip that making-the-bed step when we arrive at our location. In our LAST camper, we had mice make a nice bed out of loose paper towel rolls, so now I always secure those in bins. When we winterize, I will definitely remove anything that might attract mice–including linens.


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