What The Police Have To Say About RV Living Full-Time


While boondocking in California, we were stopped by the police and this is what they have to say about RV living.

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26 replies
  1. Jerry Donohue
    Jerry Donohue says:

    The Iowan marihuana leaf eating beetle is their major worry.. You could ruin the whole Californian economy… And on a side issue, those little guys get really high before they drop off the plant.

  2. David Durflinger
    David Durflinger says:

    You know, I know every place you show, I live 9 miles from the border patrol stop on 8 and the place you spent the night on sunrise hwy, my only question is why the fuck are you coming here to a communist state, full of liberal kooks and illegal aliens, are you out of your mind?

  3. gbunton
    gbunton says:

    They ask you those questions because of transmittable disease from veggies, citrus, and plants. bringing them in is illegal, and rightly so, California produces 40 % of all the produce for the united states. They do the same in Florida to protect their native citrus industry.

  4. Val Wiseman
    Val Wiseman says:

    wise up americans . i have seen a no. of border crossings where people are confused by questions . all states have different laws but stopping contamination from food and plants is normal in many countries .

  5. Erick Miller
    Erick Miller says:

    The place you entered Cali from AZ is at Winterhaven. The Aldi is in El Centro. After that, the next border check is just past Buckman Springs Road before the Sunrise Highway. Once you turned north onto the Sunrise, instead of pulling off, you could have went up to Mt Laguna and there is a campground there, but it would have been cold since its at 6,000 feet. The Forest Service calls the pass you need an 'Adventure Pass', and you could have got one at the Mt. Laguna store. When I worked up there in 78 and 79, we didn't need that pass or any other pass for anything up there. There are so many fees for every little thing so the revenue can be used to fund social programs. I hope you continue your lifestyle as long as you can and do not get discouraged by others who don't have the guts to live the way you two are. Great pit bull BTW, she seems really cool. Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us!


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