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In today’s video I talk about some of the preps we took with us and what we did with the preps we couldn’t take.

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26 replies
  1. Christian Prepper Gal
    Christian Prepper Gal says:

    I'm going throgh a lot of the same thing you just recently went through with deciding what I can and can't take with me down to my son's homestead. All he has right now is his RV camper for us to live in while he's in the process of building his log cabin.

    While some may see the changes you and your family are making as a step backwards in your prepping, I see it as a giant leap forward. You are now in actual hands on training for living through and beyond any SHTF scenario! That's how I see my move as well. While others will be trying to adjust to the different lifestyle in a post SHTF situation, we will already be adjusted to it and living it. Bravo! To you and your husband for making that decision!!

  2. jd61883
    jd61883 says:

    Great video. I see this as an evolution in prepping/preparedness. I think it's easy to get caught up in the "more, more, more" mindset and it can become addictive buying/acquiring new gear. This style of prepping really allows you to be intentional in what you have in your home and evaluate your supplies and skills. Great lessons here not just for mobile preppers, but for all.

  3. Kanzee
    Kanzee says:

    Wow…this is amazing…You truly are the rogue….you left your home, and decided to be RV preppers…very exciting directions you guys are headed.
    Are you saving more money with RV'ing (daily fuel, maintenance etc) .. than paying rent on a home, utility bills, etc ??
    Minimalize a little , Compact and lighten the load more …is a good way to go.

  4. Thomas Brandon
    Thomas Brandon says:

    It looks like you've come up with a good load out that will work with the new life style. And I know you'll find ways to add new or additional needed items as you get further into the new adventure. Prep On T

  5. Mama Bear Preparedness
    Mama Bear Preparedness says:

    Looks like you chose great things to take with you. Minimizing that much would be difficult but it is a very beneficial challenge. Really gets you thinking about your actual “needs” 🙂 Looking forward to more RV videos!

  6. TOM M
    TOM M says:

    I was waiting for this. Consider catch locks on those overhead bins for those fast turns. It will help keep it from going all over. I remember hauling water for the herds showers from campground spigots or clean streams(filtered). Couple times a week. Had to teach them Navy showers, 1 minute to wet down, off, soap up, 2 minutes to rinse. Still 6 smelly folk use a lot of water. Best

  7. Brady Shutes
    Brady Shutes says:

    This is a great addition to your channel! Super excited to watch upcoming videos! All of my bug out gear/preps have been recently stolen out of my home but watching your channel has given me a lot of new ideas.

  8. Nancy M-R
    Nancy M-R says:

    One friend sold her house and bought an RV. At age 60 she's giving things to her kids and grands, and has a storage space to keep things that she needs more time to dispose of. I Love what you're doing!


    Sounds like yinz have a good game plan. Idk if I could "downsize" that much. Lol Its gonna be a great adventure with hopefully a wonderful ending! When you get an address let me know where to send ya something

  10. Savage Survival
    Savage Survival says:

    This channel got way more unique and I think that's cool! I stocked out my truck and it has a bed topper. I turned it into a camper. Loading it out, while keeping in mind weight… now that's truely tough stuff.

  11. tom's outdoor adventures
    tom's outdoor adventures says:

    I like the way you're thinking you're definitely on the right track. Here's a free piece of advice you might want to consider putting a brush guard on the front of that RV it may come in handy down the road and save you a lot of money. Especially if one of those big bucks and rut jump out in front front of you.


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