What is a good Travel Pace for a full-time RV family?


Do you ever wonder how often you’ll move from place to place when you start your full-time RV life? We thought we knew before we got started but as we’ve learned and adjusted things have changed for us.

Hopefully some of the things we learned help you come up with the right travel pace for you.


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  1. InMyImage
    InMyImage says:

    Seems like every full time family struggles with pace in the beginning but at least you are figuring yours out fairly early although I didn't realize you only planned to do this for a year.

    Because of my disability we already know that we will be in a single location for 2-3 weeks although I'm sure there will be a few times we just do 1 week if there is really only a couple things to see such there isn't enough to keep the family busy in between my recovery days.

  2. Life on 12 Wheels
    Life on 12 Wheels says:

    I enjoy watching your videos each week. We are career truck drivers and have been all over the country. I think we would be used to the fast pace of delivering our load BUT we will have to learn to slow down like you suggested. I do want to say this though. As you build experience with problem solving, you'll gain more confidence in leaving the highway. We have been in a couple dozen very bad situations in a semi and 43 ft trailer with our load in it which is upwards of 80K lbs. there were some tricks that we picked up along the way that helped us win confidence and you will too.


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