What are RV Clones?? What some RV Dealerships WONT TELL YOU!!!

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Hey eveyone welcome to a another video! Tonight at 8pm were going live to answer your questions about What are RV Clones… How do you know… and Why manufactures do it.

Stick around!

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48 replies
  1. Lena Hedger
    Lena Hedger says:

    If money was not a problem, what RV has best bathroom and king size bed. And still small enough to get into any national park? My husband is a big guy. So big bathroom and king beds are a must.

  2. charlie
    charlie says:

    Matt sorry I miss your show but I have a question for you I looking for a diesel super c with a Freightliner
    Chassis I was 35 to 38 ft I was looking at the 37 newmar super star it has everything but it to expensive at msrp 340,000 what would be the price you should pay what else is comparable

  3. Herbert Webb
    Herbert Webb says:

    Nice video. One suggestion, use LED lights with a color temperature of 4000K. Then you won't look orange.

    I don't agree with the quality comment on Super C. On the higher end units with the real truck chassis (not the RV chassis) there is no comparison. The issue is really are you using your RV for short weekend trips or are you traveling for several weeks at a time many times a year. A Super C on an M2-106, M2-112, or Cascadia chassis is what you want for drivability, safety, and reliability. Of course to get this you are talking $100-$300K additional cost. These units are well built and designed for years of use. Unfortunately, they aren't cheap.

  4. GunTotnHippie
    GunTotnHippie says:

    Hey Matt, what store are you located at? We are currently looking for a bunk super c on the freightliner chassis. BTW your mini me should be of you jumping in the air with your arm up. Trademark that homie!

  5. Richard Koch
    Richard Koch says:

    Great information Matt!!! Do you ever take a day off Buddy?
    Hope Andrea is feeling better. I have spinal stenosis, scoliosis, two herniated, one ruptured disc. I know how bad a backache can be. GET FEELING BETTER ANDREA!!!

  6. Raymond Caylor
    Raymond Caylor says:

    This used to be me. I ate, drank, and slept my sales job. No one didn't buy from me because I didn't show them the features and benefits. I don't think Matt is pushy but I surmise if you give him a buying signal he's going to ask for the order. Best Wishes Sir.

  7. JenBellingham
    JenBellingham says:

    Three things I like about this livestream: it's a livestream (yay!), love the explanation of RV clones, cool shirt. Three things I don't like: no bathroom review, not enough Andrea, you don't do them often enough!

    This was awesome. Wish I'd caught it live. Next time! Hope Andrea's back feels better.

  8. Jason Clift
    Jason Clift says:

    Loved the livestream even though I was a little late at it. Although, you need to sign off with a group " ending in 3 – 2 – 1 jump" – Believe it or not, the jump is becoming a "thing" at the rv shows lmao

  9. Elizabeth Baker
    Elizabeth Baker says:

    I’d love for you to have another class ish video comparing security in an rv. Are all rv outside storage areas made with one key lock? Are there proximity alarms or movement cameras available ? How can a lone camper increase the security in an rv?


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