WE Bought a BRAND NEW RV on the internet😱😁


We purchased a New RV from MHSRV.com without seeing it in person, Yes we might be crazy but we know what we want and we are pretty sure we got it LOL. stay tuned…

We live in our 1993 Class A RV Full time for about 3 years now and we have been traveling on the road full time since October of 2017. We love to share our adventures and invite you to Subscribe and join us!
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1993 Cobra Monterrey on chevy P30 Chassis with 7.4 big block (454)
Generator: Generac NP52G
Backup Generator: Honda eu2000i companion
solar panels: 5 100watt Renogy 12v panels
solar Battery bank: 6 100amp hour 12v NPP sealed AGM
Backup battery: 2 interstate 125 amp hour 12v marine deep cycle
WIFI: AT&T Hotspot, REAL unlimited
WIFI & CELL BOOSTER: Smoothtalker mobile RV Z6 pro 4G LTE
Natures Head Composting toilet
Trailer is 7×14 H&H cargo trailer

Toys we carry
2014 Polaris RZR 570 LE with engine brake, power steering, turf mode
stereo system, full cab system with removable side windows and doors and roll back window
2017 Yamaha TW200

RC Cars
Traxxis Rustler
Traxxis stampede

ALL Music: Youtube music library

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  1. Gypsy Pair
    Gypsy Pair says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you new home. Does this mean y’all might make it to Lolapalooza? We’re camping our way around Dallas/Fort Worth now, working towards the event.

  2. Ed Bennett
    Ed Bennett says:

    We did exactly what you're doing in January 2019 – bought an RV from MHSRV.com, sight unseen and over the internet, and after the final purchase, we traveled by air to Dallas in May where they picked us up and took us to the lot. Very accommodating. And you're right, we got exactly what we were researching for and yes, it was cheaper there than anywhere else . We researched for our MB319 for two years before we decided on this unit. They gave us a rental car for a few hours to run to town and pickup groceries and odds and ends. And, unlike your plans, we did not stay overnight in their RV park but, stayed in the open air bay where they had our unit for PDI. Our only complaint was their inspection, it wasn't what we expected, we felt a little rushed to complete the inspection and there was no followup call to us in the following weeks after we took possession. We did have some repairs to take care of and the sales rep at Coachman worked with us to get repaid for the cost of those repairs. So, overall, we're pleased with Coachman, MHSRV and our unit. Good luck and happy travels.

  3. Coastie Castaways
    Coastie Castaways says:

    We bought a Class C from them a year ago. They were amazing. We have a 41’ Newmar Ventana and now a Class C. We actually like traveling in our smaller RV and using our larger one for when we are at a home base that we just built.

  4. mike manjo
    mike manjo says:

    Congratulations, friends! I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see your “reveal”! Good luck on the first night. I think that’s a great idea! I wish ours had done that. Safe travels! Talk to you soon! (Jane O)😊👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉

  5. F&T
    F&T says:

    I bought my wife’s SUV on line and we were finding stuff it has that we were surprised about for weeks afterwards. It was an amazing deal and she loves it. Way to go guys. So happy for you. Cheers!!!


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