UPDATED 2020 Wildwood 179DBK Murphy Bed Bunkhouse Camp Kitchen Mini Camper Travel Trailer


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  1. Sean Rourke
    Sean Rourke says:

    josh i have a small mission for you. i have a 2017 geo pro 19fd. bought it this spring and its my first trailer ever. 0 experience and loving it. but I'm a single mountain biker with no kids but some buddies that we go on road trips to bike all over the country so the extra bed or two add up to have extra space for the guys when needed. i love this trailer (the wildwood) so much! but i don't cook at all so i don't need/want an outdoor kitchen. back to the mission. can you ask/request any of your manufacturers that you guys at haylett do business with to remove the outdoor kitchen and the bottom bunk and put a large door on the back of the trailer where the bottom bunk would be so i can use that whole lower space as a "garage" for a few bikes and bike gear while still maintaining the upper bunk for a buddy (not a child which is all the dinette is able to sleep) a toy hauler is just too much wasted garage space. personally i would like the new rear door large enough that i could mount one of those truck bed trays that i could roll out to mount a bike tray to and make loading the bike inside the new garage space easier. if you want a better idea of what I'm speaking about just look up some of the mountain biker self built van life videos to see what I'm talking about with the tray system. i don't need a garage space big enough to fit a side x side or a golf cart. just a couple bicycles. i think a lot more of outdoorsy people would love this idea as the smaller garage clearly gives you wayyy more inside storage while still having relatively easy access to all of your gear without having to keep it in the truck or suv or van or trapped in a bin somewhere.

  2. msdogooder
    msdogooder says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE this camper. Just when I think you couldn't possibly present a better camper, you ALWAYS prove me wrong (and I am extremely thankful for that). Haylett RV, hands down, is the best in my book. I love getting the notifications. 😍👍👍

  3. Jamie McFarlane
    Jamie McFarlane says:

    That's awesome Josh. Finally a manufacturer building something different. 
    We don't need the bunk beds, but everything else works so well, there would be no harm in having them, then when grandkids come along, we're good to go. The rest of it all integrates so well. I love the little outside fridge, we used to keep a separate one outside, or a cooler for drinks – that would solve that issue, and you don't have to move in or out.
    I am seriously impressed.

    I would have not said anything about the trailer moving, and maybe some people would wonder if their medication was wearing off or not, or maybe they took too much.

  4. Ramona Rain
    Ramona Rain says:

    the previous person Said What I was going to say.. I need a small camper..to be able to drive easily. ( used to small campers) do not wish to purchase a truck at this time. or learn how to deal with the larger units. …and this one is in my color.. I love the great updates that they have done to this Love This !


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