Ultimate Global Expedition Vehicle – All Terrain Warriors Alpha Camper


Tour of the All Terrain Warriors Alpha Camper overland vehicle. This is a true 4×4 global expedition vehicle built on Mitsubishi Fuso. RV Tours https://goo.gl/uQ3meh

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34 replies
  1. Geeth San
    Geeth San says:

    I work around Hinos, Fuso Canters and similar 3 ton pick up trucks from Japan. The Fusos and Hinos are extremely reliable and the servicing is a breeze. This is a perfect all around the world camper vehicle.

  2. luciano dias
    luciano dias says:

    Parabéns pelo seu tanque de guerra da aventura
    Muito lindo
    Uns dos mais bonitos que vá vi
    Espero um dia ter um igual pra poder me aventurar pelo meu país
    Pena que no Brasil esses modelos não são comuns.

  3. Michael Smith
    Michael Smith says:

    SO, if you buy the truck with flat bed, used $20,000 plus the rear connected box add $10,000 and add another 10,000 still is 40,000 including labor! The raised roof (i dont what that would cost) so add another 10,000 still $50,000 PURE PROFIT here.

  4. Michael Smith
    Michael Smith says:

    Unquestioned in BEING a COPY of the EARTHCRUISER (and not a GREAT copy! HOWEVER, it should be cheaper than the original earthcruiser which new is $250,000 LOADED-WHY would this copy (and ridiculous second door cut out) be more? When you copy something reduce the price!

  5. prokesuk
    prokesuk says:

    "..stove and microwave options. Yeah, it's a real extreme overlanding vehicle." That was hilarious. Extreme would be doing without the comforts of home, "Damn it's stormy out there. Is the fondue ready yet, honey?"

  6. Graham Hobbs
    Graham Hobbs says:

    I've never understood this concept – why would you accept SO many compromises when you generally only ro-ro around once every 18 months with overlanding? The entrance door is a compromise, so that's every time you get in or out, then they bang on about 'tons of storage' – Yeah, but it's all outside in the howling gale or sleeting rain/snow. When I want a brew I want to just reach up, pull out (what ever your drink) pop the kettle on and relax. No storage for the kitchen except undercounter – and it's so narrow in the body that you can't bend down to use most of the space – same for the bedroom- where you gonna store all your base layers and swimsuits and anything in between? but the worst thing is – someones cooking – and someone else needs the toilet – DO ME A FAVOUR – Who would accept that in a house (not that regs would allow it) – and what if someone gets Dheli Belly – both ends. can you begin to imagine the sounds or the stench? As for solar?? Man, these days you want to be looking at around 1kw, plus a battery bank to store it… finally (I've nearly finished) Four seasons WTF? IN A TENT? Yes, OK the flappy sides are insulated, but to what U value?? Then single skin windows that run condensation down onto your bed if you dare use the heating,,, good points, It's for sale on each continent – BUT, it uses aftermarket suspension. seriously flawed in my view – but hey, I save 1500 bucks every 18 months – while I listen -and watch my family shower and dump while I'm cooking ,,

  7. 5 Nuthinn Productions
    5 Nuthinn Productions says:

    Ehm, well, I would design this to be much more simple. Interior design could use work but I really like the idea, would probably be better as a DIY project to cut cost and fully customize.

    Cmon 300K you can buy a lambourgini with that, js

  8. vondahe
    vondahe says:

    If “going around the world” means visiting Canada, this is good, but for the distance between the Middle East and Western China, better get the bulletproof option. Same goes for parts of Africa.

    The shower space is a great idea but WHO thought an open toilet was a good idea?!? That’s just disgusting.


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