Top 10 Accessories for Your RV – Live Webcast Recording from Lichtsinn RV


A Live Webcast on the Top 10 Accessories for Your RV by Lichtsinn RV in Forest City, Iowa. Call 1-800-343-6255 for more information.

Prices as of November 18, 2015 (subject to change).

Lichtsinn RV is America’s closest RV dealer to Winnebago, Itasca and Winnebago Touring Coach, located just one mile north of the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa.

0:05 – Introduction
3:55 – RV Satellites
14:08 – Maxx Air Fan Vent Covers
20:57 – Solar Panels
31:45 – Power Surge Guards & Power Adapters
44:30 – Water Filters & Water Pressure Regulators
49:00 – Sewer Hose Connections & Elbows
54:28 – Leveling Blocks, Lynx Levelers and HWH Leveling Jacks
1:01:11 – Tire Pressure Monitoring, Tire Minder, Tire Valve Stem Extensions
1:09:07 – Nitrogen Gas for Your RV Tires
1:13:40 – Flushing Your Black Tanks – San-T Flush System


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  1. Danny Whitlock
    Danny Whitlock says:

    Great webcast video, awesome informative information and knowledge of all the Winnebago RV,s and Coaches and travel trailers 👍🏻 I live in Georgia and there is a few Winnebago dealers but not a great section of RV,s. I would love to visit your location to learn more, I’m trying to watch your all your webcast and other videos, but I would like to know if you could recommend a dealership that would be closer to me and have good knowledge of all Winnebago,s !!! Thanks for sharing, enjoy and have a Blessed Sunday !!! Danny

  2. Good Ol' RVing
    Good Ol' RVing says:

    I was informed by AT&T / Direct tv rep that they would give you service in your RV as a secondary location, they want a sticks and bricks as the primary location. Are you sure it's not the same with Dish? Last time I had Dish they charged me for not having HD at a lesser price however they were still charging me for something I didn't want. That said, I wouldn't get Dish anyway. So there is Dish, Direct and is there a third service company?

  3. Lightning48
    Lightning48 says:

    I really like Lichsinn’s approach to service. I have a Tiffin 35QBA 2012 Open Road model. I live in S. Louisiana. I would be willing to drive to Iowa if i could get a decent price on an aquivient gas model and size. After new year, let’s talk. My number is (589) 640-5084. I’m Gary.

  4. kidbach
    kidbach says:

    great video presentation as always. roarin round of applause
    I just have three questions:
    1. the surge suppressor whether hardwired or portable being an electronic device does have to be used to keep the device from going bad?
    2. is there a difference between a hardsided solar panel and and a flexible solar panel?
    3. is the Winegard Rayzar antenna better than the King Jack?
    thanks in advance.


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