This RV Salesman does WHAT?


Matt Foxcroft has discovered a formula for growing his highly energized and very informative YouTube Channel by sharing his honest reviews of RVs. How honest? Very! Even the things he does NOT like in new RVs, Matt’s unique style and presentation is addicting.

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  1. Deep Southern Roots
    Deep Southern Roots says:

    BEST INTERVIEW EVER!!! Matt, the Man, the Myth, the Legend. I absolutely love his videos! I stumbled across his channel a while back. I instantly knew this man was extremely passionate about what he was doing. As you stated “very animated”. It seemed he was struggling at some point though with discouragement. We all do at times. Maybe life or whatever. I thought, I will encourage Matt. He has such great potential! Matt’s a big dreamer and dreams can and do come true when we work hard toward them. When we dust ourselves off and get up whenever we make mistakes. Matt is honest and that’s extremely rare nowadays in sales. Great interview! Great job Matt!😆👏🎉🎊😎

  2. John Vicenti
    John Vicenti says:

    Your radio show and Matt's RV Reviews is an awesome way to get educated. My wife and I are looking for the motor home we would love to travel in. Before we spent that level of money we want to make sure we are educated and comfortable in our choice. Since we stared listening to your show and his reviews we have now narrowed our list down to two types, and length. Thank you

  3. Tom Deters
    Tom Deters says:

    I sell Rvs too, and over the years ive learned that my customers appreciate when I point out the pros and cons of each floor plan and brand. There's only so much you can do with such little space; plus weight and price constraints. When customers understand that if they could get everything perfect in a trailer floor plan, it would be 50 foot and 50 grand .


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