This $1.7M RV is the ultimate in luxury road tripping | Techadence #4


Road trips don’t get fancier than the Volkner Mobil Performance S — a $1.7 million RV packed with luxury materials, crystal glassware and all the tech you could want. The cherry on top? It has its own hydraulic parking bay to fit a sports car, because of course it does.

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41 replies
  1. mani bhai
    mani bhai says:

    قسم اللّٰہ کی ۔ مہنگے داموں میں فضول چیزیں چپکانا کوئ گوروں سے سیکھے۔ پاکستانی 27 کڑور روپوں میں تو 2000 گز کا شاندار بنگلہ کراچی میں مل جائے ساتھ ایک برانڈ نیو ٹویوٹا پراڈو بلکل مفت۔

  2. Nina Stump
    Nina Stump says:

    do you ever wonder why when poor people like something the rich have to have one but it has to be bigger and better? such as when in the old day's bologna was the poor man meat now we can't even afford it. just saying the rich always have to keep the poor down no matter what. my own personal opinion.

  3. evan leo
    evan leo says:

    to be honest,this unit is lame by American standard,it is not very large and not that well equiped,the only thing special about it is the garage which is pointless cuz you can have a dinghy tow or a trailer and that does not rob any storage space

  4. Leon Allan Davis
    Leon Allan Davis says:

    The dirty little secret is that in five years, this RV will lose more than half its value. In ten years it will be worth about one-tenth the price it was when new.
    I'm presently looking at a 15 year old luxury Class A motorhome that sold for $450,000 when new. The price is $50,000 but I can get it for $45K. One-tenth what it sold for. With only 53,000 miles on it. It's a buyer's market…

  5. Michael Parham
    Michael Parham says:

    I think it's a perfect idea for everybody to go for 1.7 million dollar RV for everything they want to dream of but I know for a fact that they always wanted at that kind of vehicle that huge but to be on the precise yes because you got everything you wanted it and be good at it is a lot of features of that kind of RV and the top of that it has a trunk under it so for 1.7 million dollars of an RV I think that's too rich for everybody's blood but if you were Barack Obama as a billionaire you know something it's a good thing that people want to get something good and Rich you got black people are rich but whites not a good thing but just to be on the safe side don't let nobody tell you about that

  6. Sean Ó Briain
    Sean Ó Briain says:

    Waste of money. Spend 1.7 million on an actual home and it will increase in value, almost guaranteed. Buy a 1.7 millio motorhome and you'll shave a couple hundred K off it after the first year alone. It will only depreciate in value over time. Horrible investment. And besides, who actually wants something this big? What's the point?

  7. Skinny Bob
    Skinny Bob says:

    It's nice, but it's not the most sophisticated machine available. There are larger and much cheaper American RV's with huge double slides of 20-odd foot in length … ON BOTH SIDES! Sure the car Bay is neat, but it's clearly when the money has gone when in reality, all you need to do is hook up a trailer… doh!


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