Things Get Better Traveling Deeper into Utah – Going East from Richfield


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Things are looking up as we travel deeper into Utah! We stock up on supplies and move on!

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My name is Dave and I travel with my dog Bella in a 1990 Fleetwood Bounder Class A Motorhome. This is our tour across America. So join us if you’re open to travel, fun, excitement, hiking & exploring. Wish us luck on this adventure! Maybe we’ll see you down the road sometime. Happy trails!

My channel is about full time RV Living in an older RV while keeping the wheels rolling on a budget. I do the repairs, updates and upgrades myself. I’ve become my own RV Mechanic/Medic! I seek boondocking opportunities every chance I can and power the RV with 500 watts of solar and approximately 500 amp hours of batteries. RV Resorts are just not our style!

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36 replies
  1. Kimberly Shalaby
    Kimberly Shalaby says:

    I love the train above the entry door. Perfect spot! My Grandfather use to guide the trains in down in Homestead, Pa. at Mesta Machines. He was a Superintendant there. I enjoyed riding along with you. Hope you can find cell service? Have a nice day!

  2. Deryl Benoit
    Deryl Benoit says:

    Another great video Dave thank you for sharing. Yes that is some beautiful country there I definitely want to get out that way. Well good luck on getting a place tonight. Stay safe have a great day and we'll see you on the next one.

  3. Kyle Higgins
    Kyle Higgins says:

    Not getting you wrong, but it obviously disturbed you – you kept bringing it up all during this video… glad to hear you are feeling spiritually better! Let Bella snif, snif, snif… it's what dogs do, lol! Safe travels, we care about you!

  4. Mike Classing
    Mike Classing says:

    I know the feeling Dave I got myself on 264 in Arizona was like189miles through the Navajo Indian Reservation.I got very nervous on some of the passes,was running low on gas it really got me kinda upset,was so happy to see Interstate 40.

  5. Dana Peckham
    Dana Peckham says:

    Hi Dave, thought you had got lost. Amazing views at the end. I think you hit the adoption Jackpot with Bella. She loves you and loves to travel. Very sad that Terri and Scott lost Girl recently. Give Bella some extra love today.

  6. F&T
    F&T says:

    Good to see you and Bella. Dave you look 100% better. You are never alone my friend, we are all here for you and I’m sure like myself your subs would be happy to email with you at any time you need to talk. Cheers!!!

  7. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    So glad to see you're feeling more upbeat! Singing along with 70's classic rock will do that to you 😉 Only one to hear you is Bella and I'm betting you're a better singer than

  8. Kathy Wehmeyer
    Kathy Wehmeyer says:

    Darling, at first I couldn't figure out what your problem was. 120 Miles at 60 miles an hours takes only 2 hours and most folks out there are going 65 to 70 miles per hour at the minimum. I thought, Why is this suddenly a problem? Then when you said that you needed cell service to work, I understood. It's hard to enjoy the present when the work load is on your shoulders and mind. I just retired from a full decade as a security guard. At one post I was the only guard on the property from 10pm to 6am. Few people coming in, if at all! I was stuck in a 4X8 room and couldn't leave until I was relieved. It was worse when I was asked to come in 4 hours early and my relief called off too, making that shift a double for me. The radio is quite a blessing isn't it. Wish I could be on the road, too. It just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me. But I can dream, can't I. Thanks for letting us ride shotgun with you and Bella.

  9. Linda Golden
    Linda Golden says:

    Just a thought 💭 – Occasionally you might want to find a neighborhood fenced in 🐕 park so that Bella can get a good amount of free running in as she’s a herding type gal needing to release that level of energy.🐄🐂🐑

  10. Rebecca Long
    Rebecca Long says:

    Wow Dave I loved that rest area. I felt like I could just reach up and touch the clouds. Beautiful sky. Bella is sweet as ever. She loves the cows. Sorry about the internet service. Wish they would work on that problem so it would be available no matter where you go. Thanks for shareing Dave and HAPPY TRAILS!!!


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