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Hey Everyone welcome back to another video! Today I am SUPER Excited and showing you this Super C Diesel Motorhome… But what makes this one special is…. This is the WORLDS 🌎 CHEAPEST Super C you can buy for 2020! Now with that said it makes in simple and plain to keep the price down but once I found out the PRICE I said OMG! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Also when I recorded this video I said a sale price… Since then we reduced the price and you can see it in the video 🙂
Also this is a Bunk House Super C that is 35ft which makes it even cooler on the International Super C Chassis!

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Here are some specs

Sleeps 8
Slides 2
Length 36 ft 1 in
Ext Width 8 ft 5 in
Ext Height 12 ft 6 in
Hitch Weight 10000 lbs
Gross Weight 24500 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 75 gals
Grey Water Capacity 43 gals
Black Water Capacity 43 gals
Tire Size 22.5″
Furnace BTU 40000 btu
Generator Onan 6000
Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Cummins ISB 6.7L
Horsepower 300 hp
Fuel Capacity 70 gals
Wheelbase 269 in
Number Of Bunks 3
Available Beds King
Torque 660 ft-lb Refrigerator Type Residential
Refrigerator Size 11.2 cu ft
Cooktop Burners 3
Number of Awnings 1
LP Tank Capacity 20.3 gals
Water Heater Capacity 6 gal
Water Heater Type Gas/Electric
AC BTU 27000 btu TV Info LR 40″ TV, Cab-Over LED TV
Awning Info Electric w/LED Lighting
Gross Combined Weight 34500 lbs
Shower Type Standard
Electrical Service 50 amp

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38 replies
  1. Tony Previte
    Tony Previte says:

    There's a reason they're inexpensive, they use really cheap materials. I full-time in a Nexus Phantom Super C. All the seating material has disintegrated in less than 2 years. The build quality is seriously lacking as well. I'm still happy with it, all motorhomes have problems… But again, know what you're getting into.

  2. Al Nolan
    Al Nolan says:

    Dislike-The outside storage doors should swing all the way up and either latch or hold with a magnetic . You have to duck your head under each door to put items in or take items out. When you hit your head under those doors a few times it will get real annoying quickly .This is an easy fix.

  3. roderick herzog
    roderick herzog says:

    Dislike; exterior paint scheme, the couch (I agree with Andrea looks like something was missing), the toilet position would definitely not work for me.

    Likes: The Chassis, the overall layout, the price point.

  4. Knapp's Nest
    Knapp's Nest says:

    1) I like the fit & finish of the cabinetry much better over their regular Class C Phantom, it was always a turn-off to see cabinet doors rubbing together. 2) I love the ample storage inside and out. 3) I love the residential refrigerator. I dislike 1) Bunkbeds are not easily reconfigurable as a workstation for those of us that work from the road. 2) The inverter is mounted far from the batteries, why??? This is not a best practice feature. 3) No easy solar option, I want an option for 800 watts solar and 400-amp hours of LiFePO4 lithium batteries with the appropriate converter. Nexus is getting better & better every tear!

  5. Kiki Powers
    Kiki Powers says:

    They need to rethink the outer doors. That is a deal breaker for me. And it needs a ladder to the roof.

    I like the sink.

    One option Id like to see is removing the dinette for a countertop with pull out drawers rather then cabinets so I don't have to bend down.

  6. David Gillespie
    David Gillespie says:

    You passed my house on the way…. I am about 1/2 way between Ocala and Tampa. You guys should have stopped for Social Distancing Coffee. Always enjoy your videos. This thing is bad! (in a good way)….. But I HATE the way the basement doors open.

  7. crazy chick
    crazy chick says:

    Holy cow I love this RV and the price!!!
    Like: the price the price the price the tv the size and tow capacity the king bed the storage the shower size the kitchen faucet
    Dislike the bay doors the couch no real oven the cheap accordion doors no air horn no ladder

  8. anya mck
    anya mck says:

    Agree with Andrea re sofa
    1) No couch/sofa end
    2) Outdoor storage door opening, think it should be side opening.
    3) Kitchen seems to have too many wooden panels but no storage.
    1) The chassis is gorgeous looks very dominant.
    2) Love how spacious the interior appears.
    3) Safety…. I would feel safe driving this with my family on board.

  9. Chris Albrecht
    Chris Albrecht says:

    👍 Smashy! Camping out in Tampa this week? L: nice floor space slide in & out; nice kitchen and appliances; cockpit and power plant are great; sleek body paint; slam latch doors. D: lift-up outside storage doors; acordian door to master bedroom; with slide in you do have to dink around the bathroom door barn/pocket would be nice (bedroom also); whaaaat, no air horn??? You guys be safe out there especially since y'all be living in a state really late to join the safer at home majority.😷😷😷😷

  10. shoshanah21
    shoshanah21 says:

    Lots of outside storage but door configuration makes access very awkward and could be a dealbreaker for some. Alternatively, have them slide in, but that is more hardware. Bunk beds should always be movable, duh, and be fitted with optional wardrobe rod and slots. Is that dead space above microwave/convection oven? Or exhaust or control units? Should be another storage area. Love all the windows. On dinette table, why not offer two more cup holders at the other side, slightly oversized, with stainless steel telescoping function beneath, or will they get broken too easily by peoples' knees smashing into them? Backsplash – people can always install themselves pretty easily. Nice big bathroom although toilet seat area is too tight for anyone who is overweight. Finally, about the way you state your phone number, to make it more memorable how about if you say, three zero ONE (showing an upright index finger in the air), then nine zero six, zero nine six, TWO! (with two fingers in the air). I guess people can always screenshot the info, but it might help someone remember the actual phone number. I know you always say (area code) 301, but visually the European one looks like a seven to most US people. Might consider a different font.

  11. Mike Burford
    Mike Burford says:

    it is hard to be bias because of price point..over all couch is nice….but the storage doors need to open wider.. put longer struts on them..dont like the fact of no backsplash and the toilet looks to be very tight…but main concern was the storage doors

  12. David Fox
    David Fox says:

    Triumph 35T DISLIKES: Exterior cargo doors open up to horizontal, accordion bedroom door, no roof ladder. LIKES: Super C chassis, interior color/decor, storage

  13. Isabeau Simpier
    Isabeau Simpier says:

    1. I like the neutral, simple decor. This allows for customer to decorate in their style, alot of room to really customize.
    2. Tons of storage inside and out.
    3. Excellent hall space when slide is in.
    4. Love the little details, beautiful hardward, amazing kitchen facet, storage instead of useless small oven etc. Very thoughtful details for this price point.
    5. The front of the truck (outside) looks slick all day long.

    1. The couch without arms and cup holders would be an awkward sit. I guess this style is intended to seat three people instead of two? A family with small children may orefer this?
    2. Not a fan of slide outs on the camp side of RV.
    3. The bed area is simple which is fine, but the headboard is just not wide enough. Looks like a double size bed headboard on a king size bed.

    Overall, an amazing and lovely Class C for a family at a wonderful price. Well done Nexus, I will be checking out your other floorplans for retired couples 🙂

  14. Leslie Delmonico
    Leslie Delmonico says:

    Thanks for showing this Matt&Andrea. We’ve watched Nexus videos and company does seem great. Love this rig, not even just for the “price point”. Truck front fabulous inside and out. Love the paint transition cab-to-body, not a negative at all that it isn’t full body. OK without a big fancy wet bay (understand that’s costly) but wish the gauges were at least behind some sort of cover. Everyone has already beat them up about the outside storage doors not opening to the side, but yeah, my back hurts just looking at them. And I’m clumsy so I’d hit my head Every single TIME. Also, don’t like the wide open around/under the propane and DEF reservoir, they’ll both be constantly filthy from road grime. The interior: beautiful wood cabinets/handles/hidden hinges, valances, floor all have classic higher end look-except the darned sofa and dinette. If they were just a little “cushier” looking with higher backs and armrest it would completely change the aesthetics to A+. The kitchen rocks! Best possible layout with small size, LOVE farm sink and window! Bedroom storage fabulous, and thank you for real nightstands and reading lights.

  15. Murray Mathew
    Murray Mathew says:

    Dislikes: 1. outside storage cabinet doors flip up🤦‍♂️. 2. Headboard lights are too high to reach when laying down 3. Small bathroom for tall people (I am 6’5”!) 4. Horn is cheap… 5. Cab chairs don’t swivel
    Likes: 1. Diesel engine

  16. Ann Thomas
    Ann Thomas says:

    Andrea you are getting so good with the new GoPro! Even while you were getting bit by ants you stayed steady!


  17. Donna C.
    Donna C. says:

    Outside compartments would be difficult to use with the door lifting up, sofa looks unfinished… ladder to the roof. Other wise unit looks good and comfortable!

  18. Steve Larsen
    Steve Larsen says:

    I've been impatiently waiting for this review so thank you!!!
    Likes: Bunk beds (family of 6), Camping friendly decor, (not so frivolous that it's not kid friendly), The fact that Nexus carries the RV body build quality across the Super C product line.
    Dislikes (and where you lost my interest no matter the price point): Top bunk doesn't fold-up (really Nexus??, you already offer that on the Wraith and Ghost. Not bringing that to the Triumph is beyond meeting a price point, it's just being cheap), Flip up outside storage doors (my knees hurt just thinking about those…lol). Hydraulic brakes and a derated 6.7 Cummins…
    Back to the drawing board…

  19. Sean Ivey
    Sean Ivey says:

    I currently own a class C and I'm 6'6" (big kids too). These two facts will be important.

    1. Love the front TV. My C has the TV in that location but it doesn't flip out like that. BIG improvement.
    2. I LOVE the sleeping options. The sofa without the armrests appears wider than a normal one which means it's a longer bed! (again, big kids/family). Also, looks like that is an 80"x72" king. That's damn close to an actual king (and most importantly, long enough for me to fit). Even the over cab bunk looks massive. Like, fit a kindergarten class, massive.
    3. Love the shower at this price. It looks like it has a high ceiling (hard to tell with matt tho :). And that shower door is great. We removed our glass shower door and replaced it with something similar. No rattles and you actually have more room.

    1. Yo, you can't have bunk beds without TVs! Best Buy has a 19 incher for 79.99…It's not about the price, it's the hassle of having to do it myself.
    2. 6 gallon hot water heater? On this huge thing? Mwap Mwap. 10g or tankless. C'mon.
    3. WHY, WHY, WHY flip up storage doors? I mean they can't be cheaper…you even spent the money on putting the pistons in each to hold them up. How could that be cheaper than just slam latch?

    Final verdict?
    – Not for me. Nothing you did is a deal breaker (storage doors are close…), but my next rig will be a class A. Even the super C disappoints with the forward view from the back, and the ability for the cab to be part of the living space.

  20. Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis says:

    I'm vertically challenged and the outside storage I'd still have to get on my knees. Either doors and shocks open higher, or change to side open. 22.5 tires good. No ladder for roof access. Not sure about if it's prewired for solar. No air brakes or air horn. No passenger table for laptop.Great HP for hills and towing. Good access stem to stern with slides in. Either a love seat, or 2 recliners with a center console. Shower is good size with grab rail. Ladders for over cab bunk, and bunk beds. Barn door instead of cheap plastic slider.

  21. Kris Andersen
    Kris Andersen says:

    Hey guys! Likes: 1) The chasis. Dislikes: 1) the interior design is horrible. It reminds me of the old, cheap, '50s style motel rooms. If it was laid out differently, it might've worked a little better. Now, I know that the quality isn't "Cheap", but it has that look. 2) the storage doors!!!! I'm not a tall man, but I would still have to get down on my knees to get into those compartments, and I AM old, so…3) didn't like the bunk beds. Again, I know the build quality is good, but they just 'look' cheap. plus, I have no use for bunk beds.

    As usual, a great video!


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