The Ultimate $1.5 Million EarthRoamer Luxury 4×4 RV Revealed


( ) The Ultimate $1.5 Million EarthRoamer Luxury 4×4 RV Revealed at the 2017 SEMA show.

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48 replies
  1. Phil Healey
    Phil Healey says:

    Each to their own, I'll stick with my Unimog, Zeppelin FM2 cabin and "as lightweight as simple as possible" fitout plan for 5% of this budget and then scratches and dents don't detract from the prime objective to travel. I've also learned the hard way that if you don't have a particular gadget it won't break!

  2. Steve Mazz
    Steve Mazz says:

    $1.5 million…. I could buy a quad cab Dodge with an off road package, An self contained Aluminium fifth wheel toy hauler, The toys (quads or bikes) and still have money for fuel and insurance for most of my remaining life.
    BUT… it is a beautiful rig with many interior options.

  3. Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha says:

    I can travel every country in the world with 1.5 MIL instead of seeing 50 states in the US LMAO. Get this stupid shit out of here. Not worth anything more than 250k lol.

  4. What's Good
    What's Good says:

    You guys are in Denver, Colorado. Why don't y'all go to Denver International Airport with your handlers and stay in their underground bunker.

    1.5 million! Yeah your team is a 1%.

    If I see this vehicle after the Dollar Collapse/Depression I will aquire this colossal bug-out ride!!


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