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  1. Michael Walker
    Michael Walker says:

    We have State Farm on everything we own. So if something happens to the truck or the trailer. We are covered. We’ve had State Farm for years and we bought our trailer back in 2014. Our State Farm agent told us about roadside assistance and gap coverage. For just a few dollars more on our policy. We got it and is well worth it!

  2. Lenore Kingsley
    Lenore Kingsley says:

    Well, i cannot believe i did this! The day after i watch this and had the warning about getting locked out, we did it in out truck! We stopped to get water (for our drinking water at our home, a cabin) from the fire station. The truck was dinging so i took the key fob out and laid it on the seat, and closed the door. My son got out and also closed the door, which he does not usually do. I had opened the back door to get one water container out and closed it as my son got out. I tried to open the tailgate to get the other bottles, but it would not open, so i sent don to fetch the key. Uh, all doors were locked! One of us bumped the lock button getting out. We have before, but caught it and hit the unlock or had the key fob. I was astounded. It has been years since i did that, or had a dead battery from leaving the key in and on aux, etc. Well, my phone, walker and cane were in there, too! So i had to hang onto my son's arm and we walked to a bar, the only thing open. They were very kind and called the county sheriff who called for the tow/ locked car service. The guy came in 20 minutes! Pretty amazing to me. But i had to fork over the bucks…they don't deal with any roadside insurance stuff. Still i was very grateful! We had just driven 2 hrs from Spokane Costco and were loaded with refrigerated and frozen foods and lots more…our monthly trip. We still had another half hour to drive. I don't know how you get an extra fob or where you would even hide it. There is a key for the tailgate, but it does not fit the door. I just thought it wax amazing after watching this. I had planned on talking to a locksmith asap, after our grocery and medical trip… 😄 hope it can be copied.

  3. rts
    rts says:

    As the great Harry Hogg said: "Tires is what wins races". If you run under inflated, worn, timed-out or known crappy tires prone to separation and blowouts, you'll win some stupid prizes.

  4. Breacher2111
    Breacher2111 says:

    I work for a tow company and the biggest reason we don’t send out a truck for roadside services is because they will offer an amount to where we would be losing money sending a truck out. We make it a common practice to make a counter offer and let them know how much we need to have on the table to go do the service. Most often they will tell us they will keep looking. MY PERSONAL OPINION is if you have a roadside service and need immediate assistance, make the call to a tow company and pay their rate and most likely you will get your service in a timely manner. Submit a form of reimbursement to recoup your money from your roadside service. I know it sucks to fight for something you already pay for but most roadside companies are cheapskates and don’t want to pay the going rate.

  5. Asher Mandrake
    Asher Mandrake says:

    Great video. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I've thought about Good Sam's roadside assistance and AAA's RV coverage. I was getting frustrated watching this, right along with you guys in your breakdowns and lack of service. I've had two blowouts on the freeway (driver's) side, and it was not fun. I was fortunate that one time the Calif. Highway Patrol Stopped behind be to alert traffic. Even then it was a dangerous experience. I'm trying Goodyears Endurance ST tire and hoping that they're not maypops. After this I may go with LT tires.

  6. Retired Let's go somewhere!
    Retired Let's go somewhere! says:

    I dropped Good Sam after the temperature dropped below in Louisiana and my diesel fuel froze. I called Good Sam and they said that the only mechanic that will come out wants 500.00 upfront before he even leaves the shop. Any way make a long story short I called a mechanic in Houston and he told me I have vapor lock in the engine and remove the fuel lines, turn the engine over until I see diesel fuel come out each line (6). Once I see the fuel come out, stop, re tighten the fuel lines and then the motor should start. I had to try and get help from Good Sam for a couple of days, anyway I was on the road in 30 minutes. No more Good Sam.

  7. D t
    D t says:

    You really should look at FMCA's Road Assist. You do need to be a member ($69/yr). I've spoken with one couple who had their class A break down in the middle of Montana and FMCA Road Assist towed it over 600 miles with no out of pocket cost to them. It covers any vehicles you or family members are driving. Had Good Sam's years ago and joined FMCA and have never looked back.

  8. John Nunya
    John Nunya says:

    AAA Left me in the middle of I-80 just outside of Sparks NV because they could not find a flatbed large enough to haul my trailer that had a broken axle. They told me the AAA company for that area was not available at that time for this job and they would check back the next day. They did not tell me that 40 miles away the AAA company did have a flatbed for me but because I was not in their area they could not come out and get me. I had to spend the night in the center divider and the next day after AAA told me again the company on contract for Sparks could not get out there. I then called the company 40 miles away who told me they had been contacted the day before but were canceled because I was not in their area. It cost me $700 to have them come out and tow me back to Sparks for repairs. After ripping ass with customer service I submitted a claim for this tow and got my money back. If I had not called on my own they would have left me there another night waiting for the contract company's flatbed to become available. Needless to say when I got back home I immediately canceled my AAA towing.
    Oh and on waiting 40 minutes for a tow truck to come change a tire. Yeah just do it yourself if you can and from that video you had plenty of room to move further off the road and change it and be on the road in 20 minutes.

  9. Do Wain Nunki El Bey
    Do Wain Nunki El Bey says:

    What I have for TT is Safeco, they provide some serious insurance. They also, include pet, hotel, lockout, rv replacement, and covers the tow vehicle. Then I have roadside with my truck policy as well because it's under a different insurance provider. You may say why all the roadside? The cost of the roadside is only a extra $20 or less on both policies a year. Used Safeco once and it came in handy.

  10. Bill Long
    Bill Long says:

    Last time, actually only time I have needed roadside assistance was on December 23 and I wasn't on the road – I was at the office at the campground, my destination for a trip to see my daughter and family. Good Sam's would not help. So I did it myself. Got someone finally on Christmas eve and he came out and checked – fuel pump was dead. Long story short, the guys at the campground towed me to my site with a tractor and the fuel pump was replaced after New Years when the only Ford warehouse with the right pump opened again. Needless to say, I didn't renew Good Sams and am "Do It Yourself" now. I may need to get another policy though because this rig (Class C) has been towed before but that was covered under Ford Warranty. Good thing too, 100 miles was nearly $2,000.

  11. James Turner
    James Turner says:

    today is 7/17/2019 Yesterday I had a blow out in Holbrook AZ and had to call AAA. They came within the hour like they said and Changed my tire wich was the inner rear passenger side of my class C. Happy with the Job he did.

  12. lgwlpn
    lgwlpn says:

    We had a flat tire and good Sam told us they could not find anyone to come to us. We found a service place about 20 minutes from our location that promptly came to us. We did not renew good Sam.

  13. Richard Mattson
    Richard Mattson says:

    You have a successful channel, but compared to all the RVers out there, your reach is minuscule. And there are 10,000 Americans retiring EVERY DAY, many of whom are buying RVs. I had so many tire failures until I said to my repair shop, I want bullet proof tires. And he said, “Well, when is the last time you had a tire failure on your truck?” “Never.” “Okay, put LT truck tires on the 5th wheel. I’ve never had a problem since. But the school of “hard knocks” is different than traditional school, where the lessons come before the test (not after).

  14. Flatop
    Flatop says:

    I had the same problem with Good Sam last winter. They seem to take your money and don't have a group of people to back up what they are selling us. I proceeded to drop them. I had AAA and they have always helped me.

  15. Profound Seeker
    Profound Seeker says:

    Great Info, we currently have our vehicles and RV insured with USAA and have roadside assistance on all of our vehicles including the RV…
    Haven’t had to use it yet, we had one blowout on trip # 4 but i was able to change it myself …safe travels…

  16. Patricia Moore
    Patricia Moore says:

    We had a flat on the freeway in Massachusetts, which ONLY allows one company on the freeways! (Our tire iron was inadequate.) Our service couldn't enter the freeway! An off duty highway patrolman stopped and changed our tire, hours before the permitted service said they would be there! Bless him! (Needless to say, we immediately bought a good tire iron!)

  17. Bear LeThere
    Bear LeThere says:

    I was a hotshot independent adjuster for 20 years working exclusively for consumers and doccumenting evidence for potential litigation. I had alot of problems with Snakefarm and some had to go to court. So I hope they make you happy for a service call and fulfill the contract you signed(you should read it carefully). Please let us know! I don't like leaving bad reviews, but it sounds like goodslam was breaching your contract and may have been doing so in bad faith and using an "Evil Hand" which factors in they couldn't find anyone who would tow you for what they wanted to pay so the left you in distress. I hope you will keep your evidence and spread the word or sue them. It will help protect future victims. I would have used goodslam but they wouldn't cover my truck because it is in a irrevocable trust absent my name

  18. luvbigiron
    luvbigiron says:

    We had the same thing happen on a large freeway in Houston, Tx of all places and Good Sam RSS could not find us a tow truck or just a service guy to come control traffic and change the tire. We ended up calling 911 and ask for a police escort off the freeway to a safe area and we changed the tire. No more Good Sam for us. It was our one and only request for roadside service ever.

  19. Dick Madison
    Dick Madison says:

    I would like to throw 2 comments into the pot.
    1. Bad experience with Good Sam about 3 years ago. While site seeing, I locked the keys in the trunk in a parking lot at a state park in N.C. It was late in the afternoon and most of the tourist had left. Called Gopd Sam for help. We were between two towns about 20 miles apart. Gave them the names of the towns and the highway number. They could not even find us on the map. To shorten the story, we asked the last car in the parking lot for a ride back to the place we were staying and picked up our spare key. Then had to find someone that would take us back to our car. By the time we got back to the car, it was after the gates had been locked and we had to find the camp host to let us out. Good Sam's offered to extend my subscription 3 months. Did not renew.
    2. Checking with my auto insurance carrier about my "towing and labor" coverage, the towing was only good for towing 13 miles. Went back to AAA Premium but have not had to use it as yet.

  20. Ken Wallich
    Ken Wallich says:

    Being a belt-and-suspenders kinda guy, we have Good Sam (which we tried to use once, and won't be renewing), AAA, and State Farm. We had a similar poor experience with State Farm, who said they couldn't find anyone. AAA came through in that instance. But, different assistance companies seem to have have different "favorite" service providers. Will be looking into Coach Net, after reading this thread!

  21. TierraTrails
    TierraTrails says:

    I haul a horse trailer and had a roadside assistance membership with the equine equivalent of Good Sam. Hauling through pelting rain south of Dallas my alternator failed about one hour from home. I'm watching my battery charge and finally pulled over at a large rig mechanic location next to a Love's. Plenty of space to park. Thought it was the battery, alas this location only serves semis. My equine road assistance agent tells me that they are super busy and can't get anyone immediately. I'm calling local people myself but they are all busy pulling cars out of ditches, etc. due to the weather. So… the roadside assistance people finally say they have someone coming out but I have to pay cash. That's fine. He shows up in an old beat up truck, but I feel good vibes so we take off together to the auto parts store for two new truck batteries after locking my precious mare in the trailer. Bet the batteries hooked up and guess what I guess it's the alternator. I get home after getting the rig stuck in the mud AGAIN, after having done so the last night at the camp site LOL and I'm supposed to get a receipt from the man who helped me but I forgot because I was so happy to get on my way. I didn't renew my membership since I can call around town, just like you did to get what I need. With livestock it is more complicated, but there is a FB group for assistance that works. And it costs nothing. People offer towing, keeping horses until you are on your way again, even a place to stay. I won't ever again pay for this kind of service!

  22. Bob Porter
    Bob Porter says:

    We've been RVing for 45 yrs- NO ROAD SERVICE-ever! We have friends who have had your experiance, over and over again! I tend to learn from their mistakes and try and avoid them. In our 45 yrs, never needed a tow or even a tire change. I buy the most reliable product and it pays off. Get a Tundra, now they are "Bullet Proof" from the factory!! Happy Travels! BobnRobin

  23. Ldygzlle
    Ldygzlle says:

    i have aaa premium. i've used it 4 times in 5 years. For 2 of them i was in national forest land outside flagstaff and they came out even though their policy says not to. Another was towing my 68 vw bus 105 miles (no extra charge) even though their policy says 100 miles max. The only issue i've had with aaa is if you have custom rims (like on my conversion van) they may not have the tool to fit the lugs. In that instance, the tow driver and i used a tire plug kit i had (even though he said he could not be responsible). Important thing was i wasn't left stranded.

  24. Donald Raver
    Donald Raver says:

    I like to share my wife's experience in her car with State Farm. This happened about nine years ago around Baltimore Maryland. My wife had a flat tire on the interstate system. The representative told her that it was too dangerous to send a tow truck to her location. I wrote a letter and complained we had a official apology I have since changed to AAA plus I used to tow for AAA years ago of all the motor clubs they seem to have the best customer service. We have AR State farm insurance still and we also carry AAA plus this gives us peace of mind if we would have a exceptionally long toe or need to have the car and the travel trailer towed


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