The RV Wingman and some RV Buying Advice


What kind of advice does the RV Wingman have for prospective RV buyers who are scared they are buying a lemon? Is there a good way to approach the RV buying process? Alan Warren shares some thoughts that can help settle your nerves if you’re worried that you may be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous RV Dealer.

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6 replies
  1. Bill N
    Bill N says:

    You best be scared. If you look at the cost and the payment you are paying thousands more than the advertised price. Then they try to sell you the extras like warranties that covers few items.

  2. Roger K
    Roger K says:

    What?!? Scare people, well I for one am very thankful for your show and information, I think it’s making me a better consumer and will we make mistakes when we buy? Oh I’m sure we will but they will hopefully we will make fewer mistakes. lol so keep it up and thank you!


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