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  1. Health Travelers
    Health Travelers says:

    Have a problem with your general "stay away from Camping World" advice given to the newbies in this video. While it is true that there are certain, ok many, Camping Worlds and Gander RV Centers that aren't very good, ok bad; the issue we have is that there are some that are pretty good. That is the problem with generalizations. Unless you know specifically that the particular Camping World/Gander belongs to the dark side, you may be doing your listeners an injustice. For instance, we have a lot of experience with Camping World and we would like to point out three locations that we think are pretty good: Mesa, AZ where we bought our current RV in 2017; the new Gander RV Center in St. Augustine, FL; and the Camping World in Henderson, NV which has a great service department but does not sell RV's. Can we recommend others? No, but then again we have only been to maybe a dozen or so and there are probably more good ones, too. Hate to see the good Camping World/Ganders stores misjudged because of the overall bad reputation of the parent company.


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