The RV Odd Couple Hits a Brick Wall!


It’s the 3rd brick wall that John and Mercedes have experienced since their full-time RVing adventure began last year. What difficulties do these full-timers experience and how will they get through them? They also share their experience with the folks at the Forest River Sandpiper Plant when they returned to have some work done on their 5th wheel. Let’s just say the treatment they received was not what they expected. Let us know what you think. Post your comments or call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman.

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7 replies
  1. Lyle Knox
    Lyle Knox says:

    While you guys bad-mouth dealers (many deservedly so), there are still a lot of great dealers that have to either, 1) FINISH a new RV off that the mfr sent out literally unfinished, or 2) literally REBUILD ones that the mfr sent out so poorly built that they almost fall apart during the warranty period. Until the RV industry, as a whole, gets off the "pay per piece" wages that almost all mfrs use, you're going to see mediocre quality due to the fact that the workers build these things as fast as they can, because the more they turn out, the more money they make. When an owner's manual flatly states that it's "normal" to see construction debris UNDER the rubber roof membrane, you =really= have to wonder about that mfr. Really? They can't take 2 minutes to blow off the sawdust, nails, screws and staples that people have reported being found under the membrane?

  2. Olie, Lena and the RV
    Olie, Lena and the RV says:

    Yay to John and Mercedes. The wonderful Odd Couple. Like you, they provide a ton of information.
    I honestly think the negative legacy of Camping World will go on and on. From what I understand Mesa RV and Camping World both have less than stellar reputations.
    I wrote about Kerrville RV yesterday. I am still so impressed. They have my phone number on caller ID!
    Great video.


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