The Biggest Lie About RV Full Time Living

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The biggest RV full time nomad lie on YouTube is this: it is NOT free, cheap and easy! In fact living full time in your RV can often be more expensive, especially if you are traveling all the time and want to live well.

Often I can easily spend $150 a day moving from one place to another, especially with the price of fuel and RV parks.

Living in your motor home or RV is not free, cheap or easy.

I address the cost to live in your RV full time. It’s not free.

Don’t believe the lies.

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44 replies
  1. TheMobileHomestead
    TheMobileHomestead says:

    Yup it's not Free ,Cheap and easy to live full-time on the Road …the only way you can do this very cheaply is travel and hang out in the really ugly parts of American deserts …were in Quartzsite at a trailer park because it's truly cheap rent here and we needed a place to settle down for awhile because of surgeries I'm going through ..but coming from a long tern honest traveler .,.. I can say.
    it's about the ugliest place imaginable …it really shocked me how many snowbirds come here and gush about being able to stay for the winter in some rocky dusty piece of god forsaken land surrounded by a few peeked looking saguaro cactus and truly hideous rock-piles they call mountains here's horrible ! but it's cheap….so yeah you can do this affordably if you don't mind pretending to yourself and others that living in some ugly dusty desert town is a cool independent thing to do… otherwise get real and spend the cash necessary to live a better life on the road…
    And O Yeah the majority of YouTube so-called Nomads are nothing more than sleazy hustlers pandering to a bunch of sad and lonely losers who believe that they too can live a free and great life if they just hit the road… the only good ones here are 2012escapee1 ,wandering patches and RV Vagabond Jerry ..the rest on here are just hustlers …
    By the way those people we see at rest areas and Walmarts flying signs and begging for gas and food money are not poor Nomads or RVers who did'nt have enough cash to be on the road …those people are just a growing class of sleazebag bums who have decided the way they want to survive is to hustle others out of their money ..the only reason we see so many of them these days is back in the mid 2000's a few states Supreme Courts decided that panhandling is a freedom of speech issue now even highly conservative states uphold those findings and precedent and don't arrest panhandlers anymore …so this got out on the sleazebag circuit and they're invading states everywhere …

  2. D Taylor Stephens
    D Taylor Stephens says:

    Linescrew, I just found out that I have a 3,900 bill to fix my 2011 Equinox. I am single, handicapped and a senior citizen raising an 18 years old grand son for the last five years. I do not beg for his clothes and food, we have had to make it work!! No one is helping me out. I have to figure this out for myself. Why do the nomads have to rely on e-begging to make it. Tough sh$$$t I say. I chose to work 36 years for the Feds and have a good retirement. I chose that. While they were sleeping, I was up at 5am five days a week, kids to daycare, etc., etc. for years and years. They have chosen to run around the country all their productive work years, so tough luck babies, toughen it up. GET A GRIP!!!!

  3. Manny S
    Manny S says:

    I wonder who you listened to who said it was free? I watched hundreds of RVer's and never heard one who said it was free. I certainly heard it said that it can be cheap and I live this myself. These terms that people throw around are all relative. It all depends. I live cheap as in cheaper than I certainly lived paying high rents and utilities. It took tons of homework and preparation before I set out as a nomad. I brought a well constructed cargo trailer and as an empty shell, I slowly built it comfortable to meet my personal needs. Most fabricated RV are poorly built with the cheapest materials and are in constant need of repair and overpriced too boot. As a home base, I brought 5 acres of unrestricted land that I can park my cargo trailer and live in at any time. I can go to LTVA's and pay $180 for 7 months with water and dump and garbage disposal. I adopted the minimalist lifestyle so down sizing was incorporated in my plan. There are so many ways to live affordable in the southwest USA. I cannot speak for Canada though. I think it would be a lie to say it would be free; but not a lie to say it can be affordable. My experience is I find people who get emotional and jump the gun to quick especially when a making a lifestyle change. It definitely needs adequate planning & preparation with financial reserves for all elements of life. I met people who were just desperate in their financial crisis and jumped in with no plan and crashed.

  4. BrokerBarber
    BrokerBarber says:

    Oh crap… Cranky's RV Life and Bubba Wells lied to me ? Oh nooooo says Mr. Bob! I can live FREE in the dirt on BLM land for 14 days. If I don't want to be near people they say, poop in a bucket & maybe take a shower once a month like Cranky and no one will talk to me because I stink, so I get all the time to myself I need! LMAO…

  5. fearless Patriot
    fearless Patriot says:

    FACT IT IS MUCH CHEAPER THAN OWNING A HOME. My monthly cost all in is roughly $4000 per month. I could live nomadic for half of that. I have done it. People have done it cheaper. However I agree its not free.

  6. Spyderhead
    Spyderhead says:

    Why on God's earth would anyone subsidize wastrel vagabonds who don't pay their own way? They argue that they provide "content" and are "creators". BS. They take videos of their ongoing vacations from responsibility. And, no, YouTube is NOT a job – just a pastime, a hobby. 😎

  7. peter mautner
    peter mautner says:

    One of the allurements of RVing is the lack of affordable housing for many . Many people think that these people (RV lifers) are living the cheap life . Like you said Andrew it is not as it seems. Thank you .

  8. Freelander
    Freelander says:

    👋Rv life is not cheap . And if you want a regular bath . Well forget it . Recently I told women that one of the things they needed to learn to be safe . Was to learn how to change your tire . They make impact wrench’s that are battery operated. And while showering or eating in a restaurant charge it .
    You know what the polls number 1 answer was ? It Was they needed to keep their cell phones charged . Even though you might not have a signal and you need to really get out of an area . My husband taught me this years ago . Because our job took us all over America and Canada . Tires were and are a big thing for you to be able to travel. It stays with me especially with the Rv

  9. Jimmy Call
    Jimmy Call says:

    This is a load of BS. The obviously fact is you're a trailer park retiree, not a Rv'er/Vanner. Vanners start off with a protocol of not paying for privately run RV parks. Second God gave us the land, and you don't need to pay for that unless you agree with using facilities that cost to supply. Most support paying fuel tax and registration, for roads and safety management. Even Creative RV channel is more a RV'er than you as She is always at God Given free stop overs.

  10. jamey48
    jamey48 says:

    There is another YouTube'er saying the same thing. But nobody wants to listen. It's common sense, no free rides. I drive a big rig for a living and even I pay for parking. Quite often. But I know I'll have a spot when I need it.

  11. Mr.Breeze B
    Mr.Breeze B says:

    Finally somebody has told the damn truth thank you ! but it is free for some people like butterfly gypsy who get on here and cry that they can't pay for thei van being fixed so all these people on YouTube dump tons of money into her PayPal so she can continue to live free and not work !

  12. RU JEEPN
    RU JEEPN says:

    Eagerly awaiting the next video on … 🥁🥁🥁 you know who & where the massive amounts of happy came from lately! Oh, and the over the top, begging recently. Are puppies 🐶 used as clickbait these days? 🤷‍♀️

  13. Jesse Revilla
    Jesse Revilla says:

    I like you man and you make sense although I know allot of this. You are going way to long being so close to the lens. If you were a pretty chick 👍 but not into dudes.. lol.. Even worse seeing you on a large LED.

  14. Kelli Torres
    Kelli Torres says:

    Sorry to disagree with you. You can live as lavish as you want on the road or as cheap as you want. I do not go out for meals, when I am on the road traveling. I take advantage of low cost or free camping spots. I only eat 2 meals a day. I am willing to give up some luxury items to be able to stay out on the road longer.

  15. Static CamperVan
    Static CamperVan says:

    You are spot on, this time. One thing that annoys the hell out of me is the money shaming that occurs. Those of us that work full time jobs to be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle are looked down on. As if being a nomad requires one to live like a hobo.

  16. Leann 49
    Leann 49 says:

    It's free alright as your free to pay, pay and pay for anything you want to do. But other than that it is what it is. I don't always agree with you totally but on this I certainly do.

  17. William Hua
    William Hua says:

    RV YouTube channels are a cesspool of dishonesty and low class behavior. The well to do RV crowd are pushing products and services and are offering a glossed over unrealistic picture of what RV life is life. The van and down on their luck crowd are nothing more than the e-beggers that you often see at the end of a the freeway ramp. The only way to learn about RV life is to try it for yourself. Start with a tent or a cheap pop camper and start taking weekend trips. Full time RV’ing is a very different animal, which I think very few are acclimated for in the long run, especially if you aren’t retired or independently wealthy.

  18. Aaron Olafson
    Aaron Olafson says:

    yah philippines is fairly inexpensive. Thats My retirement goal destination. buying properties and will liv off the revenues after i Quit working in golden years. you can rent Very cheap if you only want to travel around. thailand is a bit more spendy as its a target tourist location

  19. Health Travelers
    Health Travelers says:

    Great Location! Pretty much need an RV for that. A dose of realism is good. However, from our experiences you can do it cheaper if you don't act like a tourist and travel slowly (75 miles or less in a 14-day period). We have a $400US payment too and we can get by on approximately $1500US monthly including payment. However, make sure you have reserve money or credit cards for when stuff hits fan … and it will, especially if you are like us and suck at being handy. We also have a 1000 Trails plan ($60/mo.) for when we need to camp resort-style. But, as Mr. Screw says, you can't do it for free. Some income is necessary depending on your own inclinations and lifestyle.


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