The Best RV Internet and Cell Solutions for Speed and Signal.


Having the internet with the best signal and the fastest speeds in your RV is a wonderful thing to have especially for full-time RVers. It’s best to come up with a strategy for continued quality service. We have found a wealth of information on the Mobile Internet Resource Center webpage. If you are looking for their breakdown of plans and which ones are good options you can see that here Having a good Booster can at times mean the difference between no service and being able to make calls and get online.

Our Hot Spot.
Simple Hot Spot antenna.
Solid RF Booster.
We Boost New.

For The WiFi Extender, we showed it is best to see what is all involved in the dedicated video if you are interested, it is a bit outdated but still works well for us.

Here is our Amazon page for our favorite gear. We will be adding more products as we find more products we use and love. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Passport America WE USE THIS ALL THE TIME.
Harvest Host Link

Link to the ToGo Data Plan.

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  1. Joe MacCrory
    Joe MacCrory says:

    With everything they are putting in RVs these days I'm surprised they have integrated some of this equipment into the rigs. Not every weekender would need it but it would be nice option. Its almost 2020 and internet is a "must have" right up there with electricity. How are you going to watch your Netflix on a rainy day without solid internet ?

    Great video – thanks for the info!

  2. Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith says:

    CK out Visible pre pay by Verzion, Its a Unlimited everything, single phone with a single hotspot for $40 a month Including all taxes / fees etc! Add on wifi router and you can have multiple devices off the single phone. Unlimited, calls, Data and Text. No speed caps at all. No i'm not a visible related employee, just a happy user. Couldn't find a cheaper / better plan for us.

  3. This Nomadic Idea
    This Nomadic Idea says:

    We have a jetpack and love it. Most of the time we use opensignal and we have the Verizon unlimited plan. Haven't needed anything else so far. However……sometimes we LOVE being disconnected. Get out of the RV sometimes and re-connect with the outdoors. I mean, that's why we are out here right? Good info.

  4. paradiseslates
    paradiseslates says:

    We have ToGo. Love it so far. I'm downloading a PS4 game (10 gigs) , kids watch a Pokemon movie the other night. I think we've probably used 50-75 gigs so far.

    Also it's a WiFi repeater, but so far I don't have any need to hook up to anyone elses WiFi.

  5. Tyrel Sackett
    Tyrel Sackett says:

    Jared, if you are ever in Rapid City, SD, and don't mind going to a full hookup campground, the Rushmore Shadows RV Resort on Rt 16, about 10 miles south, has the absolute BEST WiFi I've ever gotten in any campground. I was able to connect with my iPhone, iPad, and laptop, EVERYTIME, and without any kind of booster (I don't own one…yet). Sorry, but I can't exactly tell you the per night cost as I am a Coast To Coast member so my stay was free.  Be safe, have fun, and happy camping.  v/r, TS Denver, Co     P.S. – Hope you don't have to deal with anymore hurricanes (or him-icanes).

  6. spares99
    spares99 says:

    I bought the Weboost and tried it at Big Lake Arizona, and it was a complete failure. There are spots that work at Big Lake without any boosters, but not with the weboost. Do not recommend the Weboost.

  7. Randy Ledoux
    Randy Ledoux says:

    Great information. It would be great to know about servicing the truck and what you do to service the trailer, what do you spend a year on services. What do you do yourself and what do you get done at a service centre, just an idea.

  8. viper33802
    viper33802 says:

    My wife and I use the Unlimited data AT&T DataConnect plan for $35/mo in the Netgear Nighthawk M1 router. Supports 2×2 external mimo antenna. Plan is great no throttling at all. We used well over 250GB last month with no issue. FYI, you will need a IMEI from an AT&T tablet to get plan but eBay has them (including pictures of the IMEI).

  9. Tony Degarimore
    Tony Degarimore says:

    I just found your channel and I’m really enjoying it! I’m at recreational RVer with kids. I’m curious how you handle that internal Wi-Fi? I’m trying to figure how we can use Apple TV or smart TVs in different rooms. Can the jet pack hook up to a router?

  10. Tucker Family Adventures
    Tucker Family Adventures says:

    The Togo Roadlink C2 is a great option. We asked to have that installed when we picked up the new 5th wheel. To my knowledge, it's currently the only TRULY unlimited high speed mobile internet option available. There is no throttling after X amount of GB, only slow down is if there is heavy traffic but you're back up to speed when it lightens up. We like that we can have up to 10 devices connected to it. And it can be used as a WiFi extender if need be.
    We also use a Verizon MiFi for a second option.

  11. Schoolhouse1868
    Schoolhouse1868 says:

    Thank you! Another helpful and well-produced video!👍 Does the jet pack really provide those download and upload speeds? I have never seen anything like that. Is there a specific plan (I know yours’ is no longer available) that provides similar speed…..and at what cost? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  12. David Tiner
    David Tiner says:

    I bought an inexpensive cell phone extender from Amazon. Not only didn't it work well but I got a visit from an AT&T Tech who shut me down because I was interfering with his public network. He checked over the install and said it was installed correctly but the unit was defective. I was the third person he visited that day doing the same thing. He said he had been taking bad units off the air for months. So buy the best unit you can find and leave the cheap units Amazon sells alone.

  13. Mike McDermott
    Mike McDermott says:

    Literally watched the Mobile Internet Resource Center's video on this very subject last night. Today went to Verizon and got the 8800L with an upgraded data plan. I highly recommend the Mobile Internet Resource Center's channel.


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