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What was the last dream you had about going somewhere? Picture making that journey in an Advanced RV Rental. When you do, what you will find is freedom and confidence in being equipped to be spontaneous. Some renters have locked a van in for rental for over a month, others a gratifying extended weekend trip. Use your Advanced RV rental to facilitate and achieve the trips and travel experiences you want to have.

The Advanced RV rental fleet is comprised of a combination of new Class B stock units Advanced RV has manufactured to implement new products and design that we previously bench tested, as well as Advanced RV pre-owned Class B Sprinters which are in pristine condition. Our clients are fantastic and take great care of their investments, so the result to you is having an opportunity to start your rental experience in one of these well-maintained units from our fleet.

Advanced RV builds custom, personalized motor homes to fit your unique travel needs. Starting from the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform, we optimize each coach with features and finishes that enable you to go wherever your road takes you reliably, in elegance and comfort. ARVs well engineered system allow you to travel off the grid effortlessly.

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  1. Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider says:

    +1. .. The Sprinter rental is right up our alley. .. A fantastic primer for the huge task of specifying a new MY19 Sprinter. .. A new Sprinter chassis series with its many refinements was disclosed to the market recently. .. Up-rated dashboard w/10" wide navigation screen, LED headlights, etc. .. More importantly, the roof structure appears to incorporate the HVAC units with a seamless aesthetic. .. Not your fathers Class B RV anymore …..

  2. Keith B
    Keith B says:

    Advance RV are there any sprinter rentals that sleeps 4 and if so can you please do a video. I'm a class B fan but it's rare to find a video with sprinters that sleeps 4.


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