Terrible Tragedy For A Young Nomadic Couple Van Life / RV Living


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After years of working 60 to 70 hours a week and never taking a vacation, Carolyn and I (Rob) decided to quit our job and begin living our dream. We bought a 1970 Starcraft pop-up camper and fixed it up, traveling the country, and only staying at free campsites. After living in it for a year, our pop-up was burned down by someone in a National Forest. We did not let that get us down. We built a homemade truck camper in 2 1/2 week so we could continue living our dream. Welcome to Little House On The Road 2.0 and welcome to the Little House On The road Family.
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  1. joe woodchuck
    joe woodchuck says:

    Always be ready to protect yourself. Have any weapon(s) and/or training of your choice available or better yet with/on you at all times. Become proficient with it/them. Have a backup. Knife, bear spray, machete. Whatever it is keep it close by and easily accessible. I found a very nice utility/outdoor knife at Walmart recently for around $10 or $12 by Camilus. Its far more affordable than other brands and gets good reviews on the web. They actually make.knives for other companies with a.different label on them. At that price get at least two. Maybe even more over time. A small hatchet can be handy too.
    If i were to take training it would be Krav Maga. Practice. Stay aware of your surroundings. Distraction is one way criminals keep victims off guard or off balance. Its a jungle out there.

  2. Crystal Lynn
    Crystal Lynn says:

    So tragic. R.I.P. …. For the couple. I’m a firm believer in KARMA! And yes, we all reap what we sow …… killers! Stay safe all and plz be aware of your surroundings… regardless of where you are and always trust your “gut instinct”.

  3. Ghost Medic
    Ghost Medic says:

    I keep my pistol in a fanny pack so I can quickly get to it. Might not be the sexiest or coolest but it could save your life. You can't let your guard down or be lazy about it.

  4. Garry Cole
    Garry Cole says:

    This can happen anywhere and so you have to be careful. Now there’s always been the mentally unstable, but now there are the people with hatred and is being fed to by the internet and I don’t mean video games either.

  5. journey mann
    journey mann says:

    I found out that people come up close to assess the situation then they ask for money. It's important to have really keen situational awareness and your counter actions ready if needed. A good survivor will will question everything.

  6. Chunky Pumkin and Little Lloyd
    Chunky Pumkin and Little Lloyd says:

    Sad for the young couple…we were not far from where they found them . Ìt was very scary also doing the nomadic life . Peace be with them . Our thoughts will always travel with us being so close . We travel a little different now . Peace . Chunky Pumkin

  7. RMN peacenluv
    RMN peacenluv says:

    OMG………….this is disturbing…I will be a traveling solo female, soon….😣I've never been to RTR….I m sure they have people there to educate on all safety. I realise evil is everywhere, but……..this is terrible and worrys me. May that couple RIP………😢

  8. Me and My Shadow
    Me and My Shadow says:

    Yes, suppose you do pull a gun on someone is the middle of the wilderness. And let's say you shoot the perpetrator dead. Now, do you leave the scene of the murder? How will you prove in court it was self defense? Suppose the next town is a 3 day walk. You go confess, but the bad guy's dad is a lawyer in the town. Now you need to prove that you were in fear for your life to a justice system who believes the bad guy was a good ole boy and you are the weird homeless madman out in the wilderness living with Sasquatch.


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