Ten Amazing RV Innovations That Could Change the Way You Travel – As Seen at RVX 2019!


Ten Amazing RV Innovations That Could Change the Way You Travel – As Seen at RVX 2019!

RVX 2019 brought with it so many new products and innovations that relly signal that the american RV industry is finally making strides towards the future! This is not a comprehensive list of the amazing products at RVX as we just couldn’t see it all, but what we found interesting we filmed!
The Featured Products
1. Air leveling and ride fifthwheel (keystone, Moryde and AKTV8) https://aktv8.com/
2. Truma Power Touch RV Mover https://www.powrtouch.com/
3. Truma Varioheat high efficiency quiet furnace https://goo.gl/UaAMXN
4. Hall Logic Never Dump incinerating black tank – https://goo.gl/iLdhE9
5. Hall Logic Haul Guage OBD2 Truck Weight Measuring device – https://amzn.to/2JqT4fm
6. Keystone Load Safe Collaboration self weighing fifth wheel
7. Dometic RMD10 Dual hinge fridge – https://goo.gl/KTjifL
8. Dometic Portable Battery For DC cooler without ice – https://goo.gl/X7a9Gh
9. Dometic IOT RVC modular control surface
10. Waterproof composite flooring by Keystone
Bonus – campground of the future by KOA – https://campthefuture.com/

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23 replies
  1. Robert Kimball
    Robert Kimball says:

    THANK YOU so much for your time investment in the RVX. I cannot believe how much of an effect this video had on me. The new products are AMAZING to see. Loving your vids as you travel with your new type of rig. I think a camper/truck is and excellent combo for site seeing travel. Will be moving into a Toyhauler with my GMC 2500HD soon and plan on seeing as much of this country as I can. Will live through yours and many others vids on Canadian and Alaskan travels. My only two goals are to visit the Hawaiian Islands and a trip with RV in the Biblical countries. Thanks again for all your doing for us viewers. Love your travels. Be safe and Love and Prayers to you two.

  2. Robert Kimball
    Robert Kimball says:

    Guys I MUST say you are the first ones I've seen show this info since the show. I have over 150 Youtubers I'm watching and several were at that show. Thanks for this info. it IS VERY Exciting to see some of these ideas come to fruition. Love the trailer weigh system, the dual hinge fridge, ( my next upgrade in my current RV) and the verioheat is a fall upgrade. SORRY I missed this one when you posted it. But great ideas and many I will be installing in my next rig. Will be moving from my 26ft TT to a Toyhauler.

  3. Tom Condon
    Tom Condon says:

    Doing a search of, "Keystone Flooring," I find that many different brands discuss specific tiles as Keystone design. Poor choice of company names, or maybe they want that ambiguity.

  4. Krane
    Krane says:

    Very professionally produced. That dumpless black tank alone is worth the price of admission. Talk about a revolution in RVing. As long as it doesn't cost the price of an RV it would be great.

  5. Kwasi Akhan
    Kwasi Akhan says:

    A black tank that don't need to be dumped, needs a back up of regular dumping. When that dump less black tank malfunctions, and it will, what's the alternative?


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