TAG SE (T@G) Teardrop Trailer by nüCamp RV – Walkthrough Tour


If you’ve ever wondered what you could do with a bare-bones, no-frills, just the essentials T@G teardrop trailer from nüCamp RV… here’s your chance! This is a T@G SE (Simple Edition), and it’s from a limited run of back-to-basics minded trailers nüCamp has built. The foundation of the T@G series is super strong and capable, so it’s perfect as a foundation to outfit precisely for you! Light-weight, strong, capable… just pack up and take you and your inspiration out on the road to adventure! PJ from Princess Craft RV takes just a few moments to see what this simple rig has to offer. Come along!

Princess Craft RV’s Website: https://princesscraft.com

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nüCamp RV Website: https://nucamprv.com

T@G SE Max: about 940 lbs dry weight
T@G SE Max w/ Off-Road pkg: about 1015 lbs dry weight

Available Options:
5-wide (standard)
Off-road Package

Available Colors:
White Exterior, Maple Interior
Silver Exterior, Maple Interior


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  1. Derek Frampton PaPa-D
    Derek Frampton PaPa-D says:

    I know the build quality is amazing on these… but does the lack of features reflect in the price? I'd say about HALF the asking price of the fully-outfitted version but I bet it's only a couple thousand if not less which makes it worth spending the lil' bit extra to get the full-bore version. Just sayin'. ( an I bet it's expensive to outfit custom too) I'll do my research to see if I'm completely wrong, and trust me, if I am, I'll be pleased. As always GREAT to watch your reviews PJ 🙂 Cheers!

  2. fair isle
    fair isle says:

    This trailer is perfect for an experienced tenter or backpacker that wants a more comfortable and secure camp. To solve the bug issue you can build a simple wooden frame, attach a roll of screening and hinge it to the camper's ceiling. Drop it down to block the bugs or swing it up and latch it to the ceiling to enjoy the open passthrough.


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