Stressful Lake District Roads Towing Caravan 😳Insanely narrow!


I thought I’d share how INSANE driving in the UK can sometimes be… particularly if you take the wrong road in the Lake District while towing a caravan 🤦‍♀️While still on a main road the car navigation said I’d arrived with no campground in sight. I had cars behind me, so carried on trying to find a place to pull over.

A village came up so I decided I’d go in there, lap the block, find a place to stop and look at my map before carrying on. Turns out the roads are extremely narrow in this village! That’s the start of the video with me squeezing between two buildings. I manage to find a spot to stop and properly find the campground on the gps.

It takes me down this road that gets narrower and narrower… you’ll see what it’s like in the video. At one point 5 cars needed to reverse to let me through. The road just went on and on. I eventually arrived and was actually shaking 🤯

Turns out the instructions for this campground are to ignore the gps and follow their directions, which is a MUCH easier drive.

The Borrowdale Caravan Club campground is surrounded by trees and feels very private. You can stroll to this lake from the caravan and I hiked the Great Gable walk with a cute stone bridge and amazing views from the top. It really was worth the stress getting here 💛

More about the Bailey Phoenix 640 Caravan:

More about the Peugeot 3008 SUV Car:

More about the campground Borrowdale Caravan Club Site:


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  1. Alan Dray
    Alan Dray says:

    Hi there. .get a AA map and also read the caravan book. What I also do I look the camp site up on Google maps, so when I am driving I do have some idear what I am doing. .l have done what you did also and learnt the hard way. ..good luck with that…Alan. .

  2. John Mehaffey
    John Mehaffey says:

    Trust me Kay that's nothing compared to some of our roads here in Ireland you can hardly get a car up some of them,my wife is a nervous wreck most of the time and she is only the passenger, travel safe K, always remember Kay that everyone else made it to and from the park have faith in your driving

  3. Gary Cunningham
    Gary Cunningham says:

    If you are still out in the Lake District I can highly recommend hopping on board one of the ‘mountain goat’ tours. Decent value for money and some great guides who are local and have some great local knowledge. They also do day trips out of York to several locations if you find yourself there.

  4. Greebo
    Greebo says:

    GPS is a driving nightmare, K. Anyone driving something bigger than a Golf should be very wary. I have been a professional driver for over 40 years in Australia, so we are almost neighbours. My advice is to ALWAYS obtain decent maps for where you are going and research your route PRIOR to setting out. Even the dedicated GPS mapping services, like Sygic, TomTom or Garmin will get it wrong, and often do. Google and Apple maps are rubbish unless you are in NYC or California. They will improve I guess.
    I say this because I have seen SO many people in trouble using GPS. I drove a 26 metre long, 4.6 metre high B-Double truck. If I trusted my GPS I would have been in a world of hurt and fines.
    The way to avoid the stress you have been through here is to do your homework and above all, DO NOT TRUST TECHNOLOGY. Trust your eyes instead, learn to read paper maps, learn which maps to trust, and the shortest way ( GPS ) isn't always the best. AND, don't be afraid to drop your van and go and look if you aren't sure.

    The only REAL use for GPS mapping for ordinary people is to find out where you ARE, not to tell you how to get somewhere else.

    Sorry, I rant a bit about navigation. I was taught in the Army, I lived in my professional life, and I have been seriously inconvenienced by people who can't be bothered. It is so simple to learn.

  5. Daniel Dan
    Daniel Dan says:

    Greetings from Romania! Come and visit my country,East of Europe.I recently discovered your channel. I'm completely captivated.I subscribed and I watch very carefully and pleasure everything you post. Congratulations!

  6. Jess Holden
    Jess Holden says:

    I did the same thing to get to that site 🙋🏻‍♀️😂 I’m not a drinker but I honestly wanted a big drink when I’d arrived haha. (I also had to ask about the power haha)

  7. Langdonfairchild 1ST
    Langdonfairchild 1ST says:

    Buy yourself a roadmap from a petrol station and then you can plan better with the satellite navigation system. Also drive early hours in the morning. Like set off a two or three in the morning when hardly anyone's around. Less stress that way.


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