Staying at an RV park for the first time


I had a day of firsts in setting up camp in an RV park for the first time. I give you a look around and a peek at my rig at bedtime.


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  1. Harmonica Blues
    Harmonica Blues says:

    Hate to admit it but that was actually one of the newer phone booth models before they became extinct. I remember using the older wooden models that had the nickel, dime, quarter coin drops at the top of the phone.
    What a good memory jog. Thanks

  2. RVersity
    RVersity says:

    OMG 😭 I remember my first time and it was horrible. I had a travel trailer. Thankfully, someone was nice enough from the RV park to help me out. I will probably never tow again if I can help it! A lot of work on the set up YIKES! 🛠🚐

    Thanks for sharing your experience 🙋 always learning something new!

  3. Jay Sherm
    Jay Sherm says:

    Livin The Life, I want to do this. Currently looking for my home for the road. Videos like yours are really helping me to make some right decisions about Life on the road. Subscribed, waiting for notifications, liked.

  4. Billie Jean
    Billie Jean says:

    It is bad Karma to eat the flesh of animals. They do you no harm. They want to live. Awake Children of Light! Be no longer in disguise. Wipe the sleep from your eyes and show the world your pure heart. Peace be with you.

  5. John Ford
    John Ford says:

    will never forget your video on how you were able to retire, it is also my story, 1) state pension 2)deferred comp 3) paid for house and overall just being debt free. Now I just have to find a sweet RV that doesn't break the bank. I am looking into possibilities the class b situation seems the simplest. No towing, and no wasted space.

  6. Just Traveling
    Just Traveling says:

    I have a similar unit and have found that I don't need to hook anything up.  Ever, and yes I do use my mircowave without a generator   If I'm parked next to an electrical outlet I won't touch it     I might fill and dump on my way out.

  7. Jeremy Johnstane
    Jeremy Johnstane says:

    It's a VINTAGE PHONE BOOTH!? the good old days when you had to be home or at the office!! when not everybody on the planet could call and track you 24/7 !! BUT I LOVE MY SMART PHONE!!

  8. JAPN Jim
    JAPN Jim says:

    This is the first, well second time, watching one of your vids. although it is 2 yrs. old. Really enjoyed it. Very nice Dodge Van. Sweet. Jim in Yosemite, Ca.

  9. Joel Weidenfeld
    Joel Weidenfeld says:

    YOU know the thing about phone booths were they never perfected that technology at all, after all , not that much money in it , although pay phones were costly people found a home line if it was not just a local call , and there too they could have done better giving more time and cheaper calls because who the hell carries 5 pounds of change around even if you did have the money,,, then there's the main THING, they were not quiet and often placed in a noisey lobby or near a road or in done other crowded area, but they were not at all build with any sound consideration, you used to have to yell while on the phone you went to to make a quiet call….other things were the coin insert and change dispenser was not reliable. so, bell telephone didn't care, just like all corporations, they care about what they can get away with and his they can get RICHER and keep people poorer…the CORPORATIONs are the government, this is why peoples lives never get better, only worse and more controlled, they never want the average non demon possed person to elevate or have ANYTHING better at ALL PEOPLE are MORONs and they take advantage of it.

  10. Lone Star Travelers
    Lone Star Travelers says:

    Nice park and all the tec equipment use…. gosh who would want more… Old phone booth how funny….it would work as a shower stall too… just add stuff to block out view lolo Happy trials…

  11. Burns Travels
    Burns Travels says:

    Just a suggestion and if your able, i would not put my fresh water hose with my sewer drain hose. If you get sick you will not be a happy camper. its just an FYI, be safe and thanks for doing the video.


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