She Transformed A $1,900 Vintage RV Into A Gorgeous Tiny House On Wheels


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41 replies
    LEAD BELLY says:

    Imagine being a cat and seeing all that amazing scenery,and yet they never get to experience it,wouldn’t a dog be a better companion in this kind of scenario,you can walk the dog…..I dont know I’m really not judging honest I’m not I’ve just always had a thing about so called “indoor” cats….ok she just said the cats have a panic room for when she drives…wtf… I’m judging!

  2. Paul Patriot
    Paul Patriot says:

    Really nice set up. A question I have is, if you are planning on staying in one place, where would you park this? I am assuming a camp ground. Just curious. This is giving me LOTS of inspiration, as I am considering going to a small “home”

  3. Paul Janssen
    Paul Janssen says:

    A newer style carburetor with a better ignition system would increase the fuel mileage and to have a good exhaust system single exhaust system is good long as it has good flow people have been converting the old style electronic distributor with the electronic GM module and to run in Napa MO-3000 rotor give you better spark and run a good set of plug wires that are not carbon I don't know if Napa still cells that rotor model for the distributor you could even go electronic fuel injection which would give you excellent fuel mileage and using some good synthetic gear lube in the rear end will help a lot

  4. Rev Laird
    Rev Laird says:

    this is a seating lay small should have just saved your money and got you a really nice apartment this is fine if you were traveling and visiting so that you would have your own place to stay I like that for that concept but you just live there 365 days now if you'd I guess if you didn't have anything else but I would be seriously stacking me some large money to move in a better quality place no offense🦁🐯🐅🐆🐩💎💎💎💄💄💄📿📿.


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