Saying Goodbye To Nomadic Fanatic, FullTinyHouse, Dave's RV Life & Taking A Test Drive


In this particular video I say by to some of the tribe, do a few projects and take Panda for a test run… My channel is about small RV Living… the updates, upgrades, travel and lifestyle of living in a Motorhome, off the grid with solar power, composting toilet & rain water collection.. This is my tour across America in my 22′ RV I call Panda with 1100 watts of Solar Power. So join me if your open to fun, excitement, traveling, hiking & exploring on the road during my trip through the many states and cities …..wish me luck and good fortune on this lifelong adventure. Maybe I’ll see ya somewhere on the road…. good or bad, smooth or bumpy it’s time to hit the road. Wishing everyone happy trails and glad to have you along with me on this journey called life. Being transgender and part of the LGBT community, I just wanted to be open and honest about who I am…. I welcome anybody with an open mind and heart. “Onward Bound!”
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  1. Terri Petrozzi
    Terri Petrozzi says:

    Hi Ausia, My husband Arthur mailed my package for me. But the photo of you and Moo Moo is from me, I'm so glad you finally received it. You bring me so much joy and entertainment I wanted to give you something. Thank you for everything, Terri Petrozzi

  2. Cyn
    Cyn says:

    Hi Ausia! You can get OBD Readers for TONS less than $300. I paid $40 for mine and it does the job!! You can get them dirt cheap and for more than I paid… Check out the internet. There are some that interface with OBD phone apps.

    Glad your getting Panda such good care! Blessings!

  3. pnutbutterCHIchi losey
    pnutbutterCHIchi losey says:

    hi ausia, i have no videos to watch today. if y'all want to stay on the top of my youtube list i need a fresh upload. no pressure but you have to beat out the metal detector guy and my music videos. i would rather watch you teri, and the red shirt guy. lol oh and dave. he is really good too. i like my bella girl and the woof pack. used to watch daily but i guess you guys cant get uploaded? waiting….

  4. Julie Plant
    Julie Plant says:

    Ausia, so glad to see Panda getting fixed. She sounds so much better. Enjoy your videos but haven’t seen an announcement from Terrie and Scott. Hmmmm. Saw something really long. Clicked on it and didn’t get anything. Saw a title on Dave’s Chanel but I don’t have any info yet. If you all are getting together more – Good! 🤗🐶🍀

  5. David Brickey
    David Brickey says:

    I hoping you had everything straightened out on panda. But it look like there’s daylight at the end. Enjoy your time with Scott and Tara . But most of all be safe out there.👍🍩☕️

  6. Lizzy2shoes
    Lizzy2shoes says:

    Panda is purring now…The RELIEF that comes when all the work & frustrations are over. So cool to have viewed such a great 'meet up'- I can completely imagine how hard that temporarily parting – ways w/ 'the whole crew' could be..Wishing you & Moomoo safe travels and cool breezes..🚙🐼🐕😉🏳️‍🌈

  7. tegma
    tegma says:

    Talk about a strange coincidence….. I just had to replace my whole exhaust system and got a check engine light, too. And yes, all O'Reilly's Auto parts stores are supposed to check that for you free of charge. It's advertised on TV & online & that's where I got mine checked out. I'm now awaiting delivery of an Oxygen Sensor for my vehicle and I sure hope the Check engine light goes off on mine when I replace it! Anyway, I just wanted to say that when the guys replaced your exhaust, I noticed in the video that the underneath carriage of your camper seemed like it was rotting thru' to the floor in one area. You might want to check that out just as a precaution. It would probably only take a little sheet metal to cover that so that the floor doesn't continue to get wet under there and cave in. Better to fix it now than to have a bigger problem down the road. And yes, even I can tell online that the Panda is riding more smoothly and quietly. With all you've had done, you shouldn't have any mechanical problems for a long time! I'm happy for you that the guys were so willing to do all that for you. 'Enjoying your vids, Ausia….. keep 'em coming!

  8. kevin sims
    kevin sims says:

    I am surveying to find some of the biggest headaches RV'ers run into while on the road. Please leave an answer below as I am working with a team of students to build an app that provides solutions for us!


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