Sample RV Modifications with Adventure Aaron


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  1. Flo Rida
    Flo Rida says:

    I remember when the Livin'Lite toy haulers 1st hit the market. I wanted one so badly but couldn't afford one. After the brand was bought by another company, they just didn't seem the same. It appears I was right. That's an awful lot of adapting that should not have had to be made if it were designed & engineered correctly. You appear to love yours, so it must still have a lot going for it.

    Haylett got one of the originals in awhile back & Josh did a video tour. It held up just like I knew it would. I rarely see the originals up for sale, not that many ever made it to my side of the Mississippi River tho.

  2. David Aukofer
    David Aukofer says:

    At the 1:17 mark, you put up a note, "you wouldn't want to be that person with the black tank falling out…" A few years ago this happened to me. I was driving to church, I was following a farm tractor pulling a liquid manure spreader. The farmer inadvertently bumped the PTO and turned on the spreader. I had my windows closed with the a/c on, I was fine, but the guy behind me was on a motorcycle: sleeveless shirt, shorts, and no helmet (just sunglasses)….

  3. HereFishyFishy
    HereFishyFishy says:

    I had an R-Vision Trail Lite Trek 262bh. After a while the couch and half wall that separated the bedroom started to get in the way so I removed it. I was only left with about 7 small screw holes that I filled with color matched caulking. You'd never know it was there to begin with.


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