RVtravel.com editor Woodbury interviewed on CNBC about RVing

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RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury was among several RV industry insiders interviewed by CNBC last week in a segment titled “Why RV Sales Are Growing.” Woodbury is interviewed five times in the piece, explaining how wonderful RVing can be, but that those just taking up the lifestyle need to be careful about their RV choices, and be honest about their expectations.

He discusses how RVing has evolved from something for “Grandma and Grandpa” to today, where the idea of traveling with an RV is trendy and popular among all age groups.

He also talks about the problem of crowded RV parks, and that it costs $20,000 to $25,000 per campsite to build a new one. “It takes a long time to get that money back,” he said. With RV sales rising dramatically in recent months, and places to camp with them not keeping pace, Woodbury asks, “Where will all these people stay?”

He also talks about the cheap construction of some RVs, noting that would-be buyers need to inspect a prospective RV very closely before making a purchase to know exactly what they’re buying.

The report was viewed approximately a half-million times the first week it was posted on YouTube. Here it is.


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