RV'ING LIFESTYLE AND AGING…When to give it up???


Rusty78609…At some point you will reach an age when it is unsafe for you to Tow/Drive an RV of any kind. Know your limits!!! A LINK TO AMAZON PRODUCT: https://amzn.to/2MRkbRL thank you!!!


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  1. Sally Kerr
    Sally Kerr says:

    I am 83 and am taking every opportunity to keep going. I am blessed with good health but don’t have the strength I used to have and do have some aches and pains. I have no idea when things may change so I am going to continue to RV until that time comes. Have been to many Airstream rallies and am sighed up for a couple of caravans. I drive to these places by myself with my 3 dogs and then enjoy the company of others. I never have driven as fast as some people and enjoy getting off interstates. When I stop for the night, I always check my surroundings before I get out as I usually boondock until I reach my destination. I feel I will know when I have to stop but until then, I going to enjoy life.

  2. sandspar
    sandspar says:

    You should give it up before you find yourself and your rolling warehouse lost and going 8 mph on the 2 lane only route to work for 5,000 people at 6:45 a.m. trying to get to your favorite spot to pretend you're still in college at the home game.

  3. Tom Austin
    Tom Austin says:

    Thank you very much for doing this post. I’m 61 and recently retired and got a Skoolie to travel in. I’m in very good health but was thinking about an exit strategy with the RV. Your comments mirror most of my thoughts about this topic. 😎🎥❤️🌎🚌👍 thanks for sharing and safe travels

  4. Jeroen de Vries
    Jeroen de Vries says:

    Nothing but respect sir!
    It is that you, sir, did mention your age but to be honest…. sir, you look younger 😉. Great to see you answerring questions regarding to aging.
    With love from the Netherlands,

  5. Christienah
    Christienah says:

    I have an rv but it isn't one with a motor. I'm disabled in so many ways and I am very young, but it just seems easier when I get sick to get to the things I need since it is a smaller place. Also, I have someone here to watch over me in case of a bad seizure or chest pain or whatever is wrong with me today. Everything is about safety first. Age is one thing, but health issues can strike anyone.

  6. Super Day Day
    Super Day Day says:

    I admire you and your lifestyle, you can handle this well, however there are some on you tube who are older who can not handle things and think it is the responsibility of others to take care of their needs while they are on the road, even opening gofundme accounts to pay for vehicles, repairs, etc. my thoughts if you can not afford to travel within your own budget then this is not for you.

  7. Roy Paddock
    Roy Paddock says:

    This guy has all of his ducks in a row. Smart, logical man. I'm 74 also but have a prosthetic left leg and health issues, so there things that I can no longer do. I still do all that I can but I always think about safety. If I fall, I will need help getting up because I can't get that leg under me enough to get up on my own. So I can't afford to get careless.

  8. bluespruce786
    bluespruce786 says:

    I met a 95 year old man two days ago. He was on his annual road trip from the mid west down to Georgia. On his way to Maine to grab a lobster dinner and a few nights on the coast he had some problems with his car. He pulled into the nearest Toyota store, leased a new Corolla, and continued on his way. This man was fully capable and working well within his safety limits. I think the time scale is different for each of us, the tough thing is sometimes to know where we are on that scale. Great video, thanks for posting!

  9. equalism 42
    equalism 42 says:

    Great topic, I had an Uncle who had a great set up more or less boon docking but as he got older it got harder on him to manage, then when his health took a turn for the worse he could not longer live the same life style so ended up being put in a nursing home which finished him off pretty quick. If he had of had somewhere to live he could manage and get all the services then he would most likely had a lot more enjoyable years than he did. Once your over fifty consider having a plan B in case of stroke or heart attack etc….. no good putting your partner into a situation in which they cannot manage either… You want to consider elderly people do not have agility nor handle heat or cold as well as young people, take a fall once over fifty and it can be very life changing while younger people stand up and just dust themselves off.

  10. Ah Jodie
    Ah Jodie says:

    I live in a home, in Wisconsin, every winter it gets icy, and having a home base here seems crazy, I would probably be safer in an RV in Arizona. I am 65 and find I fall asleep sitting up on my computer, and so… do not drive anywhere except short distances in town at night, just because I had that weird thing happen and do not want to fall asleep driving. I do not think planning should just be due to old age, but, every age. My mom drove until the doctor took her license away from her, even though she could not tell if the lights were green or red, because she could not stand being trapped in a house. She died shortly after. We all have to make choices, and there is no way to guarantee safety. Lots of people end up in the nursing home due to a fall in their shower. Love to you all!


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