RV Wingman is finally released from the Hospital!


Released from the Hospital after Emergency Surgery. Here’s the story and my takeaways. Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and positive thoughts this way! I hope to be back to 100% soon.


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  1. larrynmarks
    larrynmarks says:

    I agree because it makes us all realize life is very tentative.
    You WILL heal and be fine. (Until you aren’t) LoL
    Now that guy that got stabbed well he probably isn’t thinking it was such a beneficial experience

  2. larrynmarks
    larrynmarks says:

    Eviction is always good.
    It was really all a dream. A nightmare of sorts. Food is never good.
    Take better care of yourself or they will simply take care of you…. wink Wink Wink. Be well 👉🏼👍🏼👈🏼

  3. Lora Winters
    Lora Winters says:

    Get Well!! To bad nobody told you to hold a pillow close on your belly. It works. Also even tho you had your gall bladder out you can still get stones again, watch for pain in the middle upper back. Wish you the best! The RVDancers 😉

  4. Dawn Best
    Dawn Best says:

    Glad your home and feeling better! Had my gallbladder taken out. Every test they did showed it was fine after a year of this agonizing pain my Dr said screw the tests it's coming out. He said I was loaded with stones. Glad to not have to deal with that pain anymore.


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