RV-Weekend Getaway Vlog with the R-Pod Model 179


Video Vlog from a recent weekend camping trip to Markham Park in the Ft Lauderdale Florida area.

Progressive Industries- http://www.progressiveindustries.net/

D&W Inc Sewer Hose Storage: http://www.dwincorp.com/products/82/Super-Tube


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  1. Misty Spring
    Misty Spring says:

    You should try a web site called Beddy's bedding. it's a zippered fitted thingy that goes over the bed. The AC unit is quite loud. will have to let us know how you can sleep with this noisy ac unit going.

  2. R Escape Pod
    R Escape Pod says:

    Hey R Pod buddy! We love our 179! We actually traded our 176 (bunk beds) in for the 179. Even with a family of 4, the 179 seems to work better. Love your wife's suggestion about the packing cubes! Omg, these have been a game changer and freed up so much room for all our stuff. Thanks for the video!

  3. Neal Kleinman
    Neal Kleinman says:

    I just put a deposit on the 2018 RPod 179. Cant wait to get it. We opted for the dome instead of the awning. What do you think? BTW we are in Mia, I guess you live in the Markham Park area?

  4. James Taylor
    James Taylor says:

    I'm originally from Sunrise, now living in the Midwest. My first camping experience was at Markham park over 30 years ago. The park and the surrounding area look much different back then. I learned to water ski in the canal that was on the back of your spot. Thanks for the video. Enjoyed it


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