RV Water Regulators – A Valterra Product


Mark Polk with RV Education 101 http://rveducation101.com/ demonstrates the complete line of RV water regulators by Valterra Products. http://valterra.com/

RV water regulators protect your RV drinking hose and RV water system from high campground water pressure. There are standard, high flow, lead free and adjustable RV water regulator models available to suit every RV owner’s specific needs. You should also have an RV water pressure gauge to test the water pressure and determine if a water regulator is necessary. Mark covers all of this and more in this informational RV how to video.

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  1. Willy Smith
    Willy Smith says:

    Hi Mark, I have used the regulators with the built in pressure gauges twice and both of them suffered damage from freezing weather dropping the actual water pressure dramatically while showing false danger levels on the gauges . Swapping out to simple gauge-less regulators restored proper pressure both times. The lesson learned is NOT to use gauge units in freezing weather . Your pal, Willy

  2. Mowgli's Mischeif
    Mowgli's Mischeif says:

    I'm in the planning stages of building my own camper. But getting it what I need in terms of electricity, plumbing, and keeping within weight and space is where I'm having trouble planning. Any advice? (Or links?)


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