RV Water Damage Repair + Installing Ceiling Insulation/Paneling


In this video, we officially get a ceiling! Whoo! Last week, the water-damaged areas in the bedroom were reframed and now it’s time to insulate and re-panel the ceiling!

The materials we used for this job included: R-13 fiberglass insulation, 5mm Tri-ply moisture-resistant paneling, Liquid Nails adhesive, and finishing nails.

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NAME: HaRVey Dent
STYLE: Class C motorhome
YEAR: 1989
MODEL: Yellowstone Camino Classic
LENGTH: 28ft + Hitch and scooter
WEIGHT: 10,000 lb (approx.)
CHASSIS: Ford Econoline Club Wagon (e350)
ENGINE: Ford 460 7.5L V8 engine
ODOMETER: 47,000
MPG: 6.5 (on average)



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29 replies
  1. Dave Bean
    Dave Bean says:

    Any comments on faced vs. unfaced insulation batts? I'm reluctant to close the ceiling area back in tightly, with no air flow to dry, should other leaks develop in the future – any ideas? Thanks for the video.

  2. Nick W
    Nick W says:

    Ive done constructuon my whole life… First thing you need to know about mold is it will grow on any organic material… The paper on standard insulation will mold. Peel the paper off or use foam board.

    I would also stain or treat the upper roof side to repel water if any leaks occur from the roof.

    When you repair any sheet material break it on a stud/joist/rafter. If you must cut it back more add support on the seam where the sheeting joins together.

    Always foresee water damage and take precautions to resist mold/rot issues.

  3. Darryl Drax
    Darryl Drax says:

    Fixing to have to tear out the ceiling on my camper to fix a bad leak 😟
    Going back through your videos to see how y'all did it .
    Thanks for showing this

  4. Victoria Lawrence
    Victoria Lawrence says:

    ok, so after 3 months of searching … we are about to take the plunge and pick up a 1999 class c today! For around the same price as yours. The overcab needs a complete rebuild and we're inspecting it more today before purchasing for additional water damage in the rear and… well everywhere else. Nervous, but thanks for all the videos as it gives us hope that we can do it, too! You all did a fantastic job. Ours is about 11 years newer so keeping my fingers crossed that we have less damage? Will know more today. <3 <3

  5. Curlykidlife
    Curlykidlife says:

    Great video guys. I too have a motorhome with a leak issue and I am currently undergoing repairs. I'm curious to know how long it took you to repair the mold issue from start to finish.

  6. Kelly Janson
    Kelly Janson says:

    Thank you for the video! We have no idea what we are doing either, we just bought a travel trailer and have to replace the ceiling over one of the bunks! Your video helped tremendously!!!

  7. Oregon's Lonewolf
    Oregon's Lonewolf says:

    Thanks for the work not only on the restoration, but on the excellent video work!! Impressive for sure!!! I picked up an old 77 10 foot trailer in need of water damage repair. I think it's manageable and can be done easy on budget. Thanks again, Happy Trails!!

  8. Ana Maisel
    Ana Maisel says:

    How thick is the wood paneling you used? We're doing a similar project in our camper and want to find the strongest and lightest material to replace our walls.

  9. Geoff Hughess
    Geoff Hughess says:

    up at 3 o'clock in the morning can't stop watching you give me inspiration in UK rubbish weather going to buy the stuff for the job for when the weather gets nicer respect

  10. Jeremy Sockwell
    Jeremy Sockwell says:

    Hey guys.. I have been watching all of your videos. We are also renovating our RV. We wanted to ask what kind of paneling you used for the ceiling and then also for the floor.. Thanks


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