RV Water Damage + Mold Removal


So far this is the most extensive demolition we’ve done on the RV. We are suiting up and preparing for the worst: mold. Our hazmat suits include respirator masks, eye protection, long sleeves, and gloves. Once we dig in, we discover the water damage is more pervasive than we anticipated. We tackle 4 separate areas including the bedroom wall and ceiling, both sides of the over cab, and a wall behind the passenger seat.

We tear into the water-damaged areas and remove the rotted paneling, wood framework and moldy insulation – which allows those spots to dry. We also use a natural and effective homemade tea tree oil spay to destroy mold spores. Here is a link to the recipe we used: https://brightnest.com/todos/learn-how-to-kill-mold-naturally

Before we can move onto the next step–reframing and rebuilding– we must remove ALL of the damage and give the areas enough time to fully dry out.

NOTE: The first step in treating water damage in your RV is NOT removing the damage, it’s stopping the leak. Once you’re sure that the leak is no longer active, you can begin the demo process – the fun part :-)! We re-sealed the roof with a self-leveling LAP sealant prior to tackling this project.

As you’ve seen in other videos, this renovation has been full of surprises and this project is no exception. As we cut into the walls we notice they are stamped with formaldehyde warnings. Formaldehyde is a chemical used to produce wood products – especially those found in pre-manufactured homes and RVs. Exposure to formaldehyde can cause health problems, mostly respiratory issues. Of course this information was unnerving – the RV is our home. Good news: We found a product that can be applied to walls, floors, etc. that stops formaldehyde off-gassing. In a future video, we’ll show you how we combated the problem of formaldehyde in our RV to ensure the air we’re breathing isn’t a toxic hazard.

Dampen the moldy areas prior to removing them using a spray bottle of water or a mold-killing tea tree oil mixture (link to recipe above) in order to prevent mold spores from becoming airborne.

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NAME: HaRVey Dent
STYLE: Class C motorhome
YEAR: 1989
MODEL: Yellowstone Camino Classic
LENGTH: 28ft + Hitch and scooter
WEIGHT: 10,000 lb (approx.)
CHASSIS: Ford Econoline Club Wagon (e350)
ENGINE: Ford 460 7.5L V8 engine
ODOMETER: 47,000
MPG: 6.5 (on average)



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27 replies
  1. Perry
    Perry says:

    You guys have infinite patience. I been where you are. Grew up in FL and watching RV's rot was almost a sport down there. You two really work well together. Newer RV's are made with aluminum but still covered in wood that rots. I bought a used Airstream and they are more weather tolerant than Square box RV's but it is like living in a sub marine. I still spent months fixing the floor and frame.

  2. Carl Liberty
    Carl Liberty says:

    wow, i would be so afraid to tear my rv apart like that. you have encouraged me that you can tear down and fix it if you just get in there and do it. good job, great video. not gonna lie, it stressed me out just watching what you had to do. Lol

  3. Crunch Munch
    Crunch Munch says:

    I just listened to EP:64, you guys rock, you sound like a fun couple! I have a 5th wheel that I drag around when I can, I love to camp, just wish I had more time and money to do it. I see this has been almost 2 years since the interview, I hope you all are still gung ho and making it work. I wish you the best of luck and hope to follow your adventures. Take care.

  4. Margaret Paine
    Margaret Paine says:

    Nasty. Now I know my old trailer has this happening though the shell is good. I'm giving it away to the camp as I can't live in a moldy environment after years of living in moldy old mobile homes. I have a lung condition.

  5. spudnikc
    spudnikc says:

    This is the kind of hands-on "used class C RV" youtube channel I'm looking for. My wife and I will be buying one anytime in the next 12 months. For the price we'll be paying–$15,000–I'm certain there will be some kind of water damage. I look forward to watching your channel. Remember to stay in love with each other–that's job number one. Good luck!!

  6. Michael M
    Michael M says:

    OMG, Please don't remove mold that way. PLEASE PLEASE. you can get so sick. You need the right type of gear, equipment, clean room, spray system and you need to follow so many decontamination policies. I hope you guys are doing well. Love what your doing.

  7. Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones says:

    Thank you so much for all of your videos and the helpful supply list info you give. We bought a travel trailer, fixer upper and I'm excited and terrified all at the same time! 🙂

  8. Donna Barney
    Donna Barney says:

    at the very beginning of ur video its  shows what looks like brown thick stuff on the ceiling and side of wall.  Was  that Mold ?  we had a leak,  a few areas  spewed out  of the ceiling  brown stuff, when removed  it kinda looked  like  cork ?  Do you think its mold ? thanks


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