RV TV Install


This video shows how I installed a TV in our travel trailer where there were no factory hook-ups


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  1. James C
    James C says:

    Thank you for the video. I will be doing the same in my travel trailer very soon. Where did you buy your grommets? I can't seem to find the ones you used which is my preference.

  2. Weekend RVers
    Weekend RVers says:

    Great video. Do you have any idea how heavy tv set up I can install in a typical RV with a TV backer behind the exterior wall? I have a 24 inch TV that weighs 7 pounds and a full motion TV mount that Weights another 7 pounds. The TV will be flush against the wall during transit. Well I be fine or is my set up too heavy?

  3. John Cook
    John Cook says:

    Great job. I also added a Samsung TV and Acer computer display to the vacant wall spaces in my 26'. As both were designed to operate using direct current (19 volts dc), one additional improvement I made was to power them directly from house battery using low voltage step up converters. They are easy to install, cost ~$15 and supply uninterrupted power during grid based outages that seem to occur more frequently these days. Cheers!
    See also: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-12V-Step-up-To-DC-19V-76W-4A-Car-Power-Waterproof-DC-DC-Converter-Reg-/122365668988?hash=item1c7d8fee7c:g:HIoAAOSwdGFYrBNU

  4. Jabber Jawz
    Jabber Jawz says:

    hey man how well is that AC working in this trailer? we hooked it up to the house and all night were hot. I also ran it on a 3100w Champion generator the next day and it's still hot. I'm wondering if it's just due to not hooking up to an actual 30amp power supply. we just brought it home from dealership so kids wanted to stay in it that night. any thoughts about AC?

  5. Jabber Jawz
    Jabber Jawz says:

    what is the largest TV that you can install over the dinette? We just purchased the Summerland 2600TB. Great video btw and I want to do exactly what you did in Master bedroom as well


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