RV Travel during Coronavirus Outbreak

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Just finished a 2700 mile trip from San Diego to Dallas as the Covid-19 Epidemic is ramping up. Lots of places and events closed right in front of us. Diesel was …

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20 replies
  1. ccartee1
    ccartee1 says:

    hanks for sharing your experiences. As a retired engineer, love to see how you modify your rig.

    I'm still in the research phase. I know that you've had your View for a while. From what I can tell by watching your videos. it looks like it is mostly you and sometimes your wife travelling. I am guessing your wife must be more camera shy.

    The issue you had with your slide made me curious to know if you had ever thought to get something smaller without a slide? Do you take other passengers/visitors and find yourself needing the extra room with the slide?

    I was originally interested in the View. But after some more research, I am seriously considering the Boldt. From what I have seen at the RV shows, the Boldt seems to be a better build quality than the View series. It also has the benefits of no slides to break.

    So with all that… Why do you need all of that room? Have you ever considered downsizing to a B or B+ that didn't have slides?

    Thanks again, and stay safe!

  2. Susie Blanchette
    Susie Blanchette says:

    Be safe and will look forward to videos hopefully from you when you can. All the trees that surround me are helping me to self isolate. Things are good in the far north up here in the middle of Canada. 🙂

  3. B’s Outdoor Adventures
    B’s Outdoor Adventures says:

    Glad you home safe! My ABS, ESP….goes out . 4th time. I am told the ABS wire is outside the axle and breaks off at the wheel placement. He placed extra zip ties. It is a nightmare! Every time I travel, it seems something is wrong with MB sensors. Thank you for perspective on the corona virus. Medically, I think it going to get worse before it gets better. Now I worried about my slide. Especially how I see the wire harness is running to the manual slide in area. Peachy B.

  4. Frank Brocato
    Frank Brocato says:

    Good stuff, thanks for the info. My Winnebago View is on the road next week from Atlanta to Florida panhandle. I had reservation for campground at Ft. Pickens and the Corp. of engineers has closed all of their facilities. Message on the Corp web site today.

    As America confronts the challenges of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), protecting the health and safety of the recreating public, volunteers and our government personnel is our highest priority. To further protect against the spread of the Coronavirus all U.S. Army Corps of Engineers managed campgrounds have begun an orderly shutdown. Individuals with paid reservations will be contacted by email and full refunds will lake or river project before your visit. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.


    March 21, 2020

  5. HFJCHS123
    HFJCHS123 says:

    Question for Sprinter Class C drivers. When driving on the interstate and highways in high wind and gusty crosswinds do you have trouble keeping centered in your lane. If it is a problem any tips to make the chassis track straight other then let your spouse take the wheel. I ask as my past experience in the traditional full size Van's was not pleasant. In gusty winds you were in for an active drive and would be tired at the end of the day.

  6. EB EB
    EB EB says:

    We had a side slide issue and did get the slide in for our trip home. Problem was a dead motor. I replaced it and now carry a spare motor. In our G model, the rear and side slide use the same model motor. YouTube videos shows how to replace them. I spent about 45 minutes on that project. Thanks for your videos.

  7. Ron G
    Ron G says:

    Been following your videos for a few months and everyone of your video's our similarities seem to overlap. Here is the list of similarities: I'm a also a grandpa Ron, we have a 2015 Navion, I retired about the same time as you(Engineer also), I've also done lots of mods to the RV like you(although you have been more adventurous), we have a Tesla Model 3, I was also travelling in the RV during the Corona pandemic(Baja and the Southwest) and also had my ESP light come on during this trip. Keep up the great videos. Maybe we should compare notes.

  8. Craig & Lynda Ziegenhagel
    Craig & Lynda Ziegenhagel says:

    Great video as usual Ron! Glad you made it home safe. My neighbor just got home too, cut his trip short by a month. This is a time when it is better to be at home base. LET US KNOW, what was up with your slide. Those slides concern me at times…we don't need those issues when many miles away from service. Thanks!

  9. Harold Mayer
    Harold Mayer says:

    I have a 2017 Leisure Unity on the MB chassis and had the same issue after driving in very windy conditions. The ESP light came on and I lost cruise control just as you did. It too went away after a few days and has stayed off with over 10000 km having been driven afterwards. I think the wheel sensors get “overloaded” with the buffeting during a rough drive. I used a “BlueDriver” OBD2 scan tool afterwards and could see no error messages related to the incident so I’m guessing the problem has resolved itself.


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