RV Smackdown – Best Small Class A Gas Motorhome


What’s the best small class A gas RV? Which RV is perfect for me? We get these questions often…so we put it to the test in this RV Smackdown video. As part of our RV Shopper Series we’ve put four different Motorhomes head-to-head in this RV comparison to see which of these new RVs are the best! As always it’s just our opinions, so please take it for what it’s worth.
Here’s what we reviewed:
Fleetwood Flair
Forest River FR3
Winnebago Vista
Thor ACE

Get all the details, ask questions and give your two cents on each RV on our website here: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/small-class-a-gas-rv

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Filmed on:
Sony NX30U
Canon 5dmkiii
Sony Shotgun Mic (built-in)
RODE VidMic Pro (on canon)
Adobe Premiere 6
Magic Bullet Looks

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  1. Leonardokite
    Leonardokite says:

    You guys are BRUTAL! Oh well……that's worthwhile……my criteria (OK, let's get real…my wife's) is a fairly normal shower. My criteria is as small as possible. So for us, the smallest possible RV with a decent shower is all that counts. Of course reliability is important.

  2. kool schmool
    kool schmool says:

    Nikki- your skin is always so gorgeous! I know this is an old vid but even in the most recent vid – you're glowing (I'm sure the fresh sea air helps) but what's your secret? Any mua tips? Especially for recovering from/healing scarring? I know you guys are super busy and this question is not tHaT relevant to nomad life but I have to ask. Love u guys! Always inspiring and informative. 💞thanks for everything you do. ✌️

  3. enterprise59
    enterprise59 says:

    You spoke a few times about "plastic" as in the faucets. Well, those small Class A's can't carry very much as they are not on good truck chassis so weight is a big deal. Every little bit adds up. If your that fussy about plastic, don't look at small, sometimes over priced A's. Manufacturers have to keep costs down as well as weight. Of the 4, the ONLY one I'd even consider is the Flare, and I've seen a few of them. By the way, the Flair, like the other one with the drop down bed, are Hybrids. Mix of A's and C's, so I can't put them in the Class A class.

  4. Laurie Lavallee
    Laurie Lavallee says:

    Love your videos! Wish you were still concentrating on RV's but understand your pull towards new adventures! We just purchased a 2017 Flair 30U. Love the higher end quality features at a lower price point. Happy travels everyone!!!

  5. hb dawg
    hb dawg says:

    Plastic bathroom and kitchen fixtures along with the shower head should not be used for rating since they can easily be replaced. Should rate more significant items.

  6. Powerstroke98
    Powerstroke98 says:

    My wife and I are just at the point in life where we want to finally purchase a Class A motorhome. After watching the video here, many things come to mind, as I have had the opportunity to borrow the inlaws Gas motorhome a few times in the past, and it's certainly not going to work for my needs I've found. The lack of additional 'braking' is #1 as I often pull an 18' enclosed trailer with quads, and on those LONG mountain down-hill runs, if behind slower traffic, you're on the brakes constantly, whereas with a diesel pusher, you have the e-brake holding you back, so it's a safety thing for us. We often found on long up-hill runs, the higher RPM's needed for climbing made the gas engine very noisy, being so close (under the doghouse), and found it gobbled fuel, whereas we're hoping for better mileage from a diesel. Far too many 'negatives' in the above video, thus I'd rather pay more now, and avoid those 'down the road' repairs that will undoubtedly creep up. I've been looking at the 'somewhat' higher end diesel pushers, and the fit/finish is extremely much better, the storage is huge in comparison in many cases, and I like the better quality awnings, a power front shade/black-out, a need to be able to refuel from either side, and a tile floor throughout, so it often depends on one's budget and likes/dislikes such as the Wynn's have shown here. In seeing some of the other posts here, I'll agree with the person mentioning the Newmars, Tiffin's and such tend to have much better quality, albeit one might have to opt for one a couple years old to be in the same price range.


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