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Carpet under the dining table?! That HAS to go! Living with 4 small kiddos means there is food EVERYWHERE after each meal. Join us as we rip out brand new carpet to replace with luxury vinyl planks.

Stick around to the end to watch a funny flashback moment from before we lived in our RV! 🤣

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We’re Ben and Becca and along with our 4 kiddos, we are a new full time traveling family! The first leg of our adventure is RV’ing America. After that, international travel? Who knows?! Our lives have completely changed this last year. Ben stepped away from a very successful career to choose family over money. We’d love for you to join our journey by subscribing and to be a part of our travels while we build a community of fun loving, supportive people! We’re goofy, family friendly and fully enjoying life!



27 replies
  1. Chris Hamilton
    Chris Hamilton says:

    I’ve watched numerous videos of these flooring replacements BUT I have yet to find ONE that tells you how to get the flooring under the slide HOW did you do this?? Mine barely has any space for removing old or putting in new. Does not use rollers it slides in and up on two plastic cubes screwed to the subfloor.

  2. Tina Camper14
    Tina Camper14 says:

    Looks nice but would have loved to see how you trimmed it out. Ours is a level floor slide floor and not sure how that would work as well, but think I would have started in the front and worked to the wall to have a whole piece up front.


    It's a pity that they can not have the slide outs drop down when out and be flush with the floor of the RV and lift up to clear RV floor when travelling in now that would be cool!!

  4. Eric Fillmore
    Eric Fillmore says:

    What size dowel did you put in the gap between the slide and floor? I recently took my carpet out of the whole camper except for the area where the slides are because I was always concerned about the gap. How has it held up so far?

  5. Lance Ballew
    Lance Ballew says:

    seriously WHY DO THEY EVEN USE CARPET I have a 5th wheel that has the same thing so Thanks for sharing your video because I am going to do the same !! Great Job BTW I guess you are no rookie anymore once done and completed you are an expert now LOL !!!

  6. bon vivant
    bon vivant says:

    You screwed into your slide, used duct tape, and no plan for your transition, in addition to creating buckle points by not staggering? You do realize that staggering only takes cutting your first piece right?

    Why would you say it's easy to do, when you have no clue how to do it?

  7. Trace E
    Trace E says:

    staggering isnt something you do for appearance, its for stability… you should have also started in the front and put your cut pieces closest to the wall. not bad for 1st timers though

  8. TheOwensThree
    TheOwensThree says:

    I LOVE how you configured the dining!!
    I love how you kept that one bench (for underneath storage and great for miller's high chair)
    Thanks for posting the reno, this was before you all headed out so it's nice to see it all before the fun started!

  9. nancy macintyre
    nancy macintyre says:

    i love your videos you guys always make me smile, your all so patient and have so much fun with your kids and there all so cute omg so dang cute miller i just wanna eat him up his smile wow well anyways you guys are awesome keep up the great work love to follow along with you all. to freedom nancy

  10. Deborah and Michael
    Deborah and Michael says:

    Loved this video! We are debating when is the right time to replace our Class C's Carpet with flooring. Really appreciated this video for some digital courage!!! Thanks guys and keep the videos coming! Hopefully we will share our own flooring Rv video soon 😀

  11. Bobby Baldeagle
    Bobby Baldeagle says:

    If you can break in your home that easy just think how quick a thief could get in… So use it as a learning lesson ALWAYS be sure to close and lock all windows and doors… We learned the hard way $35,000.00 worth of jewelry and stuff stolen and $4,000.00 in cash the insurance covered 75% of everything stolen but not the cash…. Hard lesson learned… Be blessed… BBE..

  12. RV Habit
    RV Habit says:

    Great job. I don't like carpet that is permanently installed in the RV. I prefer all vinyl flooring and I can use a throw rug if need be. Thumbs up. Stay safe, Lou.


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