RV Slide Adjustment


Making a minor adjustment to the slide out on our new Jayco White Hawk 31RLKS. It’s under warranty but I figured I’d give it a shot first before taking it back to the dealer and letting it sit there until they got a chance to look at it.

We knew that buying anything new required us to work the bugs out. Fortunately this was an easy fix!


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    as yopu were showing the main slide mechanism, passive and motor side, There is a verticle bolt with lock nuts. what are they for?

    I'm not having problems with my slides but I want everything perfect so nothing becomes a problem with my 06 Terry 33ftr….

  2. Wayne Michaels
    Wayne Michaels says:

    To get a accurate measurement the slide needs to be extended completely and then brought in about two feet from closing or so it's not critical at what point during retraction you measure. The reason for this is during extension seldom do both sides extend equally, but it's supposed to during retracting so both ends close equal.. A little adjustment goes a long way and cycle the slide out a couple of times to make sure it's adjusted itself and made the changes you want.

  3. Jarrold Bates
    Jarrold Bates says:

    Mike you are mechanical minded. All the little problems you fix would cost a fortune at the shop. I'm not mechanical. All the work you and other rv ers do on your rigs, makes my head spin.


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