RV Shopping with Chrome Dome



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  1. Neil Craig
    Neil Craig says:

    Just saw the video of you sticking up for Blade last night at the bar after those TWIGS were trying to start shit. Funny how they kept saying “I don’t want to be on camera”, yet they would get in-front of the camera because they wanted to look like tough guys. Lmao some people are so desperate for clout when they are no ones. Anyways respect to you for sticking up for Blade last night man. I feel like people see you prank him on some highlight reel and jump to conclusions, but don’t see the everyday interactions between two friends. BTW I love Blade, but I would’ve had my money on you with that bar fight, Blade just doesn’t seem like a fighter

  2. Lone Gunner
    Lone Gunner says:

    Casey my dude that RV For 130k is the one plenty of room there is even enough space on the floor for at least 3-4 people no problem. Shit I'd even sleep on the floor man. Don't worry even try to get the "bigger" One. The 130k one will be perfect. If not then look at renting one would be way cheaper and maybe you can find one big enough to accommodate your needs.

  3. Oobe
    Oobe says:

    Don't worry about space or beds, RV 2 had 14 people at one point, they will find a spot to sleep. And it's not like everyone sleeps at the same time exactly so people can switch places


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