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  1. One Nation Under God
    One Nation Under God says:

    They claim a residential fridge in RVs are designed to have the components changed without needing to remove the entire unit from the RV. If the entire unit ever did need to be removed they will take out one of the slides.

    I'd personally never go with a residential fridge, I love being able to boondock and use propane in our fridge. Even with a decent sized solar system and lithium ion battery bank those refrigerators will zap a battery bank in hot weather when the fridge is running more often.

  2. Herb
    Herb says:

    My problem with a residential refer is you can't use gas when boondocking. Unless you spend $10-15k for the full Solar / LiPo/ inverter, or run your generator a bunch. Currently have a TT so we can drop & go when we are out. We've had both a class "C" & "A". Way preferred the "A". Much better visibility & room even in the same size (feet). . Class "C" has the baseball cap over the driving area and limits your view. The "A" has a bus / truck chassis under you. Drove COE's for a few years, so the "A"'s front ends don't bother me.

  3. Yama86
    Yama86 says:

    You guys should come down and camp at Alum. We'll go grab The Fitchs and invade Colerain where Dave and Andrea bought their Grand Design. TONS of fifth wheels there. Then we'll all go grab pizza at the square in Sunbury and feel sorry for all the other people that had boring weekends.


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