RV Shell Given The Tiny House Makeover


The Watermill is an RV shell where the interior was given the tiny house treatment. Inside it doesn’t feel like a cheaply-made RV, but instead the feel you’d expect from a tiny house.

“The Watermill is 30 feet long, 288 square feet of living space.

Newly renovated travel trailer.

Brand new walls, ceiling, floor, crown moulding, base moulding, doors, EVERYTHING!!”

For sale here: http://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/the-watermill

Built by Tiny Hamptons Homes: http://tinyhamptonshomes.com

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  1. kenya coleman
    kenya coleman says:

    I LOVE what you have done here! The only thing I would change is the shower curtain! I love the layout and curtains. I would probably get a bigger table unless that folds out to accommodate more people. I would buy it today if I had the money!

  2. Laura Fillebrown
    Laura Fillebrown says:

    You've created a beautiful design and a very livable interior. But, a very important question for me: Will a smaller 6 cylinder suv (for example, I drive an Infinity ex35 suv/car) be able to tow this? I need a lower profile vehicle that is not too high to climb into. I have difficulty climbing so I can't get up into a standard truck. I don't know if towing is mostly about weight or is the height of the towing vehicle important too? I'd be willing to give up a few feet in overall length, give up the bunk area, and slightly expand the bathroom. Thanks.

  3. Catherine Buck
    Catherine Buck says:

    I think its a very pretty tiny home you did a great job… I do have a question does this home have a slide out?? because it looks wider then the typical campers with no slide out


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