RV Satellite TV, Making a Choice


I get asked all the time…What do I use for a Satellite TV provider on the road? Seeing that I seem to keep getting asked this for some reason, I thought their may be others who would like to know I thought I would make a video of my thoughts as to our choice. Hint, if you use a dome and want HD, their is only one clear choice, Dish Network. View the video for my chat on the topic.

From: http://www.outsideourbubble.com/rv-satellite-tv-making-a-choice
UPDATE: https://youtu.be/G8dHMR9NMpE


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  1. Ross Carter
    Ross Carter says:

    We have a portable pathway X2 with dish HD, it works very well with eastern and western satellite arcs. It's an extra 7 bucks a month when we turn it on for the camping season.

  2. Wonder Witch
    Wonder Witch says:

    My father had Direct Tv. When he moved a block away Direct Tv wanted $80.00 to move the service. My father said, no..Direct Tv said, ok…mail our equitment back….Direct Tv sent boxed and stckers…Therefore my father paid his final bill and maild their equiment back in still new condition…Then Direct Tv billed my fathet $497.00! My father has now paid this in full…And now Dirict Tv has billed my father one doller seventy five cents!

  3. Progressive Opinion
    Progressive Opinion says:

    As a Directv technician I will tell you this much, I'm tired of RV manufacturers sticking low frequency splitters and f-barrels in campers, they are junk!!! High frequency only! This is not 1995 people want HD, yet brand new models of RVs are being built with low frequency splitters and barrels , stahhhppp

  4. Marie Barnes
    Marie Barnes says:

    I need your help I really don’t know what I need to get internet setup or get the movies from Netflix. Some people told me I need a wireless router some said no. I really need your help if possible. Our cellular service is sprint they were no help, so as my mom used to say go to the source. I have been watching some of your videos but this is all Greek to me. HELP !!

  5. Outdoor Adventurer
    Outdoor Adventurer says:

    Thanks for sharing David, we are looking to upgrade to a "dish" service for our future travels. I always find your videos helpful and I am currently using the Nanostation from one of your previous videos to create our own, private WiFi network when we are camping around.

  6. Rick Bain
    Rick Bain says:

    I previously had a Dish traveler 1000 mounted on the roof of my 5th wheel. I was able to watch a different channel on the 2nd tv without using an additional receiver. I just purchased a Carryout G3. I understand I can use two receivers on it but I want to be able to watch two different channels with one receiver hooked up. My understanding was that you could watch a different channel on the 2nd tv as long as that channel was on the same satellite as the first tv. This is because the carryout can only lock on to one satellite at a time. I also thought I could DVR one show while watching another which I can't . Do you know anything about these concerns?

  7. Allstr2love
    Allstr2love says:

    You need to update this video for CORD CUTTERS. I gave DIRECTV the BOOT almost a year ago and haven't missed a beat! However, what would you recommend for RV users? OTA and FIRE TV / NETFLIX is what I have in my home.

  8. Megan Pyper
    Megan Pyper says:

    Incorrect directv has the same pay as you go program and hd compatible recievers for RV’s now one thing id they cannot install on RVs so you will have to buy wineguard and install yourself we can activate box but cannot install in the rv.


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